Friday, 9 September 2016

Celebrity or Blogger-Taylor Swift

It’s not about the fact that rumors spread ultra fast, but we are pretty sure that even the little sparrows flying around know very much about the Taylor Swift – Kanye West clash. Although already being notorious for his rude, carefree attitude, Kanye West found the exact opposite quarrel buddy – Swift. Despite looking shy, Taylor has learnt through time that desperate times call for desperate measures, and that people like West can’t be taken for granted.
It all started with the 2009 VMA’s when he said that Taylor’s award should have gone to Beyonce, in front of the whole crowd. It was sure devastating for Taylor to overcome such events when being so young and inexperienced (she was only twenty years old, please). But, Mr. West obviously has to get it out of his system (it is still weird why Taylor is his target always, isn’t it?).  The latest news in the world’s most famous celeb fight, Kanye has called Taylor “that bitch” in his new song called “Famous”. That wasn’t enough for him either. He even put her naked waxwork next to him in the video for “Famous”, without her approval (well, if it was approved, it wouldn’t be Kanye, right?).
What’s more, Taylor looks laid-back like never before with her bae Tom Hiddleston (certainly a good enough remedy for the Kanye-induced stress). And the rule is that when you have a good time, you should dress for it appropriately. Taylor doesn’t fail that game, being one of the top trendsetters of our time that is always willing to experiment with various patterns, trends, styles and colors (Hey Kim, take a cue, and wear something that isn’t body conscious for only one time). And did we mention that similar style could be achieved by shopping on StyleWe? Look no further.
In the first outfit on the picture, we see a timeless, black ensemble that always remains fresh on Swift. Whether it is the little black dress, or a plain black shirt paired with a black wrap skirt with ankle boots, it’s a great choice to make.

Second outfit – A bold and edgy approach of the white marine suit. Pairing with a bare midriff is a sexy touch.

Third outfit – You can’t go wrong with high waisted shorts and flamboyant pumps!

Fourth outfit -  The perfect gothic outfit based on the sandals-coat combo!

Fifth outfit -  Taylor certainly never disappoints with an everyday casual white outfit.

Love Taylor Swift style? Get something similar at STYLEWE for a good price. There are some fantastic deals on offer for Thanksgiving Day and this is good chance to grab those outfits you always liked! Happy shopping and thank you for reading.



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