Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What to Wear, Special Occasion Dresses by Fashionmia

Hello Beauties,
We were on a long break and  was kind of MIA in the blogging world :). But we are back with a new post on What to wear for  a special event. The inspiration for the dresses have been taken from this wonderful online site called FashionMia (http://www.fashionmia.com/) . Like all other online fashion clothing store, FashionMia is a seller of tops, dresses, accessories etc for women. I know online fashion clothing stores are a dime a dozen nowadays and you have like millions of options to choose from. I will be honest here and say that it gets kind of confusing which site to shop from or which store provides the best services!. But inspite of some of the drawbacks, which is really very minor, Online stores have lots of plus points like-
  • Super affordable meaning super cheap compared to local stores.
  • Tons and tons of dress designs to choose from
  • Stay on top of new trends without exhausting your wallet.
These are just a few great plus points about shopping online. Personally, I am not a fan of trying on dresses after dresses at the store and spending days just to find the right dress or something which you like. For busy people and lazy people like me (haha), online shopping offers a great way to solve all this!. Okay, here is our wishlist from the section on special occasion dresses from FashionMia.
* Cheap and fashionable + unique designs + suitable for all special occasions*
Staying true to the summer season now, we would just LOVE LOVE to wear these dresses for a cool yet fashionable look. What are your thoughts Ladies? We would love to hear from you.

1. Mesh Sexy Hot Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress
     Available in two colors White and Black 

Mesh Sexy Hot Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Mesh Sexy Hot Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

2.Asymmetrical Hems Off Shoulder Cocktail-Dress

Asymmetrical Hems Off Shoulder Cocktail-dress

3. Patchwork Glamorous V Neck Cocktail-Dress

Patchwork Glamorous V Neck Cocktail-dress

4. Plain Paillette Women's One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Plain Paillette Women's One Shoulder Cocktail Dress

5. Color Block Patchwork Prom Dress

Color Block Patchwork Prom Dress

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