Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Polki set elite jewellery for the family wedding

Ain't she beautiful and looking like a true Indian Rajkumari here?.I think the Rajkumaris of India, especially the Mughal era were one of the most beautiful and regal princesses of their times. And I think that they were so lucky too because they got to wear  beautiful perfect jewelries. Though I am living in India, I come from a different part of the country and know little about traditional Indian jewelries and what I've seen and know are mostly from Bollywood movies and fashion magazines. And coming back to the costume of Aishwarya in Jodhaa Akbar, she wore a magnificent set of  jewelries which I got to know later were called  Polki Jewelry or Kundan Jewlery. Did a little research and found some tidbits about Polki jewelry.
  • Polki Jewelry  are extremely intricate and made by highly skilled craftsmen and dates back to the Mughal Era. They represent the rich heritage and grandeur of India and are very royal and elite class of jewelry sets found today. They are perfect for Indian brides who want to look traditional and regal on their wedding day. 
  • Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth in a natural way without any enhancement or lab creation.  Polki is always in great demand and highly valued because of its natural form. It has a shiny texture and one of the most expensive type of jewelry in the market. Like how diamonds are priced, every piece of Polki is priced according to its carat, cut, clarity and colour. However, the beauty and timeless appeal of Polki jewelry makes the investment worth it. 

I therefore consider them the Perfect choice of jewelry for a grand Indian wedding and now where can you find them in India? Hyderabad and Jaipur are famous for their traditional jewelries but now jewelers from big cities and metros are also experts in this kind of jewelry design and you can visit any reputable store and indulge in their rich collections. So, no worries in that front.

Now, some suggestions for wedding day Polki jewelry
On your choice for wedding day, you can opt for a heavy choker or elaborate neck piece in Polki. However, if you don’t want something very traditional and heavy, you can wear large chandelier shaped earrings or a beautiful dainty maang-tika or even a gorgeous stand alone statement piece like a bracelet.  Chandbalis in Polki was the hottest jewellery trend of 2014.

Polki jewelry is a class of elite jewelry and will be the top choice for any Indian wedding. The style stays regal, royal, majestic and grandiose and it is the perfect jewelry for the beautiful Indian bride. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Build an Olaf the Snowman Birthday Party!

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Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies

Planning a party can sometimes be stressful, but our favorite snowman inspires so many fun-filled party ideas, it'll be easy to get caught-up in the festivities. Olaf would encourage you to let it go, make it your own, and snowball the following ideas into your own memorable party. And, of course, Birthday Express has everythingy ou need!

Invitations - Send out an invite to guests asking, "Would you like to build a snowman?" Then, on the inside, it could read, "Then come join the fun with Olaf and friends at _____'s birthday party! And be sure to bring warm hugs!" You could also make each invite in the shape of a snowflake or include a Felt Snowflake Sticker inside the invite.

Party Decor - With Olaf, you could throw a party with a winter decor or a summer decor since Olaf loves the sun! Definitely get the party started off right with the Disney Olaf Value Party Pack as it contains everything one needs for a party, including plates, cups, napkins, utensils - even balloons and thank- you notes! You could create a "pin the nose on Olaf" game, a "build your own snowman" table with rice crispy treats, and elevate the laughter with an Olaf 3D Pull-String Pinata. Decor can range from blue and white (e.g. lights, streamers, balloons, and snowflakes) to sun, surf, and sand decorations. Be sure to add the Olaf Balloon Bouquet - it'll definitely give your party a lift. 

Food & Drink - Bring together marshmallows, pretzel sticks, black licorice, and baby carrots and you've got yourself edible snowmen (no offense to Olaf, of course). Consider making "melted Olaf's" with greek vanilla yogurt or vanilla pudding cups. You could make blue jello "ice block" jigglers, snowflake cookies, and blue icing-dipped pretzel sticks. For dessert you could have hot chocolate and s'mores, or get an Olaf-themed birthday cake!

Whatever you include in your party, the one thing that Olaf would insist on is that you make it happy and fun - with lots of warm hugs. Shop Disney's Frozen Olaf Party Supplies now!

Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies