Wednesday, 18 November 2015

All your Wishes fulfilled by Smartphone Tech

Hello Beauties,
Now who is up for some awesome time of live music and fun with your favourite artists and band? Yes! Yes! right? I just love attending live shows and concerts and our group of friends always make it a point to attend at least one every month. Well, last night we got to attend a concert by a band from Australia (Delirious) and oh boy! what a time we had rocking the floor and clicking tons and tons of selfies, wefies, groupfies etc. Don't you just love how Smart phones have tremendously changed our lifestyles and made everything so much easier and faster. I do not deny that there certain pros and cons to every technology but if you know how to use your time and tech well, it’s a win-win for you (Cheers!). 

Okay, back to the more exciting topic on concerts and music. Now, say you have attended one such very memorable and fun evening and the next step for you is to upload and share the pictures on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.  And specially for bloggers like us, it is vital to share on social media as fast and efficient as possible to cover any event. But Ta Da! 3G is here and faster sharing has never been a problem J. But some few concerns that I normally have and face with when attending events are – the battery getting super low, low mobile network connectivity indoors, frozen apps or screen L. I once remember I went to attend a phone launch event and after few hours of clicking photos, sharing , videos etc, my Blackberry Z10 went kaput on me due to low battery L. Such a bummer it was!. Needless to say, I am right now on the lookout for a new phone and whoa! liking the multiple options out there. I’ve never been tech savvy or an expert on how Smartphone work and why your phone heats up quickly and why your screen hangs while opening an app.

I am a huge fan of  COC (Clash of Clans) and it is due to my craze for the game and wish for a phone with high performance, scratch resistant and best connectivity features that I’ve wised up on cool terms like quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon, Octa-core, Android 5.1, Android M, OTG support, E-compass and corning gorilla glass. Now I have enough idea on what to look out for my next purchase and here are some few options that I have in mind (in no particular order).

All these phones support 4G! And just imagine, if 3G has been making your cool life so much cooler, then 4G is going to make it 200% more better. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait to experience the power of 4G.
And last but not the least, which is your favourite app of all times? Aside from COC, I love this app called Sing! Karaoke by Smule which lets you sing and record your favourite songs and even makes it possible to sing duets with artists like Linkin Park, Jessie J etc. We are a lucky generation J. More power and a loud cheer to Smartphone technology!


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