Monday, 23 November 2015

A wedding dress like Sofia Vergara from Landybridal

OMG! I am going to start with Oh My Gosh! Did you see the pictures and news cover on Sofia Vergara’s wedding yesterday? Such a glamorous and beautiful wedding befitting an equally exceptional and beautiful woman like Sofia. She is like the Top #1 celebrity who simply is just totally gorgeous, vivacious, breathtaking and perfect!. If you get me to talk about Sofia’s awesomeness, I will never stop singing her praises. My BFF and I spend hours admiring her style, her personality and oh how lucky she is too J
Pic: Instagram @sofiavergara

Joe Manganiello and her is like a perfect match made in heaven and don’t they look great together? We wish them the best and long live their happy married life. So then, bride and groom looked great, the wedding decor like paradise and oh! Oh! Sofia’s DRESS!!. Everybody’s talking about it and she indeed looked like an angel and shone real bright with that Zuhair Murad wedding dress. She has set the trend for wedding dresses 2016”  and  I can foresee tons of other fans and admirers following her style. Love love the detailing on the dress and she totally rocks in it. She wore other dreamy white dresses over the weekend leading to her big day and I love all of them dresses!. Well, one can never not look sexy when wearing a lace detail dress and Sofia knows exactly that and I love this mini dress with lace detail in the upper part. When you are in doubt, go with Lace J
Coming to lace wedding dresses, I love these pretty options from Landybridal and they are also no less beautiful from the one worn by Sofia J. Each dress from Landybridal is carefully made with the finest of fabrics infused with delicate beading, appliqu├ęs and exquisite embroidery. The dress is made such that it holds and  flatters your figure. 

Lace wedding dresses are definitely the “never out of style” and “classic” design for any decade and if  I were to select the one specific design, I’d immediately go for  Vintage lace wedding dresses J. Hope you love these dresses as much as I do. Let me know which style you are going to choose for your special day or which is your favourite .



  1. Wow! I love her. And this wedding dress is so lovely!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. the dresses are just gorgeous, love the first one the most
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  3. Her dress was certainly stunning!

  4. how gorgeous. super nice lace and mermaid wedding dresses. love all.

  5. That dress is just fabulous!! I love the lace design. You know my sister also bought her wedding gown from Landy Bridal. It was value for money product. Now I am also going to tie the know at some garden Chicago event space so please suggest some gowns that are perfect for garden wedding.


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