Friday, 9 October 2015

CocoMelody Beach Wedding Dresses

Hello beauties
Hope you had a good week. We have been swamped with work and life lately that we haven't been able to write new posts. Taking out some time today to talk about destination  ideas for your dream weddings :). I do realize that majority of our posts are related to WEDDINGS! But what can we say, there are tons of stuff to write about them and it is always an exciting topic. Okay, talking about Destination for weddings, one of our favorite destination is the BEACH (yay!). Weddings at the beach is a very popular trend and one cannot be surprised why it is so. The blue endless ocean behind, the golden sands, the sunny sky above and everything else about the beach makes it the perfect place to be married. And besides that, the location is so ideal for after - party and in short, the possibilities to make the event a fun, lively and awesome one are endless. Like we have mentioned and emphasized number of times, the Bride is the queen on the Day and it is very important for her to wear the perfect dress. But when your wedding is going to be at the beach, you have multiple options of dresses. The location is so perfect and flexible at the same time that yo have the liberty to wear either a classic train wedding dress or a short mini wedding dress. Here are some ideas for beach wedding dresses which I think would be perfect for your special day. They are taken from a site called cocomelody and if you read our previous posts, we have talked about them and how they have a huge collection of wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and bridal party wear etc. Have a look at some of my selections.

Which is your favorite? If you are interested to make a purchase, there is good news!. The site is currently having a awesome discount sale on their Destination wedding dresses where if you buy item worth $200, you will get $20 off!. Click the image below for more details. Happy shopping and thank you for reading.

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