Saturday, 19 September 2015

Come December Wedding Season Again

Hello Beauties,

One of our favorite topics to write are on wedding dresses and by now you must have seen tons of posts on this same topic. I used to think that I will get tired of looking at wedding dresses too often but that does not happen :). Every design of wedding dresses that are available around have their own unique and special quality and each dress is so beautiful. The ladies here will all say Yes! to this I am sure. So, no surprise here for today's post which is on wedding dresses. Ever since online shopping became a thing and you can get any item online, lots of store owners have been selling wedding dresses. The range and variety of wedding dresses you can find online is just overwhelming. Try for yourself to choose a particular site or the wedding dress for your own and you will get what am trying to say here. I mentioned in an earlier post that my cousin sister is getting married this December and that we tried to choose a wedding dress online. And we did get so lost and bowled over by too many dresses available and had a hard time choosing. We are still searching as I write this post (all the best to us). 
Speaking of wedding stores online, I like to share about one store that sells wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and other special occasion dresses. Rosa Novias ( ) is a company that is based in the UK and offers professional custom made, designed dresses for its customers. I love how their designs have an elegant touch and the details are so skillfully crafted and made with the finest quality available. The designs range from richly embroidered style to simple style and fits the wishes of different brides. When it comes to any store online, I think that variety, attention to detail and meeting individual needs of the customers are the core assets to look for. I've often exited some sites due to lack of variety or lack of option for custom alterations. 
I am sharing some images from their section on  Strapless Wedding dresses . For wedding dresses, my first choice is Strapless dress styles and these are so beautiful and so perfect for any bride. Hope you enjoy them too.
Truly, when a bride puts on a wedding dress, she is a beautiful vision in white and the most grogeous and lucky woman in the room. Well, this are not the only ones available at Rosa Novias and if you like you can check out other sections like Mother of the bride dresses if you are a Mom reading this post and you have your daughter's wedding coming up. Or for people like me who have to attend a cousin's wedding, their section on Special occasion dresses would be just perfect!. Either ways, have fun checking out the site and hope you find something you like. I am sharing this last image below, one outfit which I would love to rock. Am not so great in high heels and I love how they have paired the dress with comfy boots :).  Thank you for reading! Great weekend to all.

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