Monday, 28 September 2015

Adieu To Television Remote War

Flashback, rewind, repeat, play. Our huge family of siblings, cousins, aunts, and so on were all having a family reunion. After a long day of sumptuous dishes, tasty treats and fun games , everyone settled into the living room to watch some good old television entertainment. There was the OSCARS  2010 award show broadcast and we all wanted to watch that. Whoosh! Popcorn checked, Coke checked, everyone in their favorite spots Checked!!. Lets get this evening rolling.. Just 10 minutes into watching the exciting arrival of the actors, the previews of the upcoming performances and drooling over the gorgeous dresses of the divas, our youngest cousin started crying. Argh! This 6 year old cousin wanted to watch TOM and JERRY!!. Of all timings! His mom took out their laptop and tried to make him watch some of the saved videos but no, this kid wants to watch it on the ''Big TV'' and it had to be now! Well, who can argue with a crying (bawling eyes out) 6 year old :(. So, for 30 grueling minutes, we had to sit there and  watch the cartoon till he said OK! to switch the channel. What a spoiler it was! On other days too, I still remember my youngest brother always with a frown on his face whenever that cousin comes over. My brother loves watching WWE and my cousin would insist on watching CARTOON. Yeah! families are fun and they are everything but just, tiny bit just sometimes, we love to watch our favorite shows whenever its on TV. And we all know, in family 'war' for the remote, the youngest or the eldest always wins (haha!). 
Well, now, this is the age of mobile entertainment and everyone downloads and watch their own favorite movie or music video on their iPad, Tabs, etc.  And for students or working professionals  like us living  in another city, there are less fights over the TV remote. But I really do miss out on some of favorite shows like Game of Thrones, Modern Family and India's Next Top Model because of TIME scarcity! I know that I can download them online and watch them later but again, when you are so busy, where do you get the time to sit down and download? I wished there is an easier way to fix this problem. How awesome would it be to record and save the shows when they are on TV and transfer them to your mobile device?. 

TATA Sky was the first choice when we purchased a DTH  for our home. Maybe it was the Sharukh Khan ad or the catchy theme, Tata Sky seemed like the perfect choice. And now in 2016, TATA SKY has once again proved to be a game changer in DTH revolution. It recently launched  'TATA SKY + TRANSFER" set top box which  is going to radically change how you view entertainment. Basically, Tata Sky + Transfer lets you - Record your favorite show , Transfer them to your device and View them in offline mode whenever and wherever. Yay! This means I can record my favorite shows and save them on my smartphone or tablet and watch them when am taking a long boring metro ride :). I would say this is the best thing that has happened in years and no more missing out on my cool shows! I really dread long commutes and this new cool feature from Tata Sky is going to be so so helpful. Besides, I am saving my broadband data usage too. Plus plus points all the way! 
To know more about this new feature, please visit . And here's the cool ad from Tata Sky. I am so psyched! Enjoy!


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