Saturday, 25 July 2015

Shoes Galore - Ankle Boots and Others From Ercidress

Hello Beauties,

Hope you had a wonderful week. I know, going to work or college is not a fun thing or maybe it is for some lucky people but the point is, weekends are the best right? Me and my friends were making plans for the weekend and one guy sent a funny picture in our whatsapp group which looks like this 

Funny right? Well, we all need some humor in our lives I think or everything gets boring and monotonous. Now, back to exciting things like the WEEKEND! Yes, I know, most would be busy starting their weekends by now and flooding Instagram with candid shots or blurry shots (if you are high). LOL. Just kidding. 
Ahem! Today's post is not about giving you ideas on how to enjoy your weekend but if perhaps you are going to a club or party or formal events, you would definitely be wearing awesome shoes. And yes, SHOES it is am going to write about. A woman can never have enough shoes and nowadays even men are following in our footsteps. I am sharing some pictures of only two kinds of shoes today. But we know we love all the kinds of shoes that are out there. Okay, Shoe Number 1 is 'ANKLE BOOTS' . Man, I love ankle boots since they just about complement with any kind of outfit and for those of us with blessed short legs, ankle boots make them look longer :). And if one wants to buy them, there are no lack of them at stores near you or  cheap ankle boots online ( click here )

 And talking about getting them online which is more convenient for some shopaholics, (link ) is a cool site which we have shared about in our past posts. They not only have wedding apparel and special occasion dresses in their collections but also a vast range of shoes like Ankle Boots Women; Wide Calf Knee High Boots, Cheap Knee High (here ) Boots , Fountain Pumps, Peep Toe Pumps ( here ), Well Pumps etc. Pretty cool I think. 
I love and recommend their ankle boots collections and some of my favorites are:

Roman Style Boots

A Classic brown colored lace up boots that would look great with a pair of denim shorts. 
Chunky Heel Lace up Boots
I chose this for the interesting tribal prints and they would be perfect with a monochrome dress. 

Butterfly Wings Boots
This looks fun and cool and so KATY PERRY!

Brown Women Boots
Another one in brown because they match with any color outfit! And lastly, you also got to have black boots in your closet. 

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