Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lace Wedding Dresses By LandyBridal

So then, weddings right? No words to describe how weddings are the most special and most awesome day for all of us. A very grand affair and aplomb with celebrations and merry making.  I just love to attend weddings and make it a point to never miss this special day for my friends and relatives. Now, talking about weddings, and why today's post is on wedding dresses. The thing is, my cousin sister is getting married this December and we were looking through, no, we were prowling the internet vigorously (haha!) for the best design and style of wedding dresses and whats In now etc etc. 
We found that there are like hundreds of online sites that sell wedding dresses and we had a hard time choosing the best one and that which was according to her tastes. She wants a lace wedding dress and since December is going to be really cold, we were looking for something with mini sleeves. Okay, browsing through all the dresses was so fun and we got lost trying to pick the most perfect one. And also the fact that all of the dresses are so so pretty and we went all drooling over all of them :). 

Finally, we decided to look through the collections at Landybridal  because they seem to have a lot of choices for every style and they did not disappoint us. Clicking on their section on lace wedding dresses 2015 , we found some really pretty and fabulous dresses and as am writing this post, my cousin is having a hard time choosing the most prettiest among them (LOL). Maybe you can help and share your thoughts on which one is the best? 

Personally, I love the Trumpet/Mermaid style of wedding dresses and was just wowed by the collections at Landybridal. They not only have the most gorgeous of dresses but also the prices are quite reasonable and under 400 USD. Here's a peek of their Cheap Mermaid wedding dresses . I love them all ! Thank you for reading.

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