Saturday, 18 July 2015

Choice of Homecoming Dresses from Cocomelody

The tradition of Homecoming is a wonderful one where alumni of a school, college or university are welcomed back. It is a joyous event with celebrations in the form of sports and cultural activities, parades etc. The event usually involves an evening of fiesta and formal dinners. Ladies and gentlemen are dressed in their Sunday best at such gatherings. Well, the Fall season is the time for homecomings and I bet that some of you staying in different places around the globe maybe getting ready for one. And today's post is meant to help you get ready and even if you are not going to a Homecoming dance, why not feast your eyes to some of these gorgeous dresses. The dresses can be versatile and if you have the knack for it, wear them at any formal occasion and look your best self. 

The dresses are from a site called COCOMELODY which sells mostly wedding dresses and special occasion dresses and they have a collection of some good cheap homecoming dresses which look really fabulous. I personally love some of the new designs they have added and think that they are so chic and suitable for wearing on dates too, aside from formal dinners. Loving the colour BLUE right now and i've decided to share some of them here and these are picked  short homecoming dresses under 100 . Quite a steal I think, don't you too? For under $100, the dresses are very gorgeous and with the variety of styles, design, cut and material available with them, any girl can find the perfect one for herself. You would be doing a huge favor to your girl circle if you introduce them to this site for purchasing the most pretty of dresses. 

Hope you like them and for yours truly, every girl ought to have a super awesome sexy stunning RED dress in her closet and for this, here's one RED dress for your eyes only. Thank you for reading !

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  1. Now the dresses are exemplary in its design, I can't help but sigh. I am thinking if I have worn a dress something like the ones I saw online now, would my first crush then will be one of my boyfriends?sweetheart prom dresses


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