Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ankle Boots and Heels From Shoespie

Hello Beauties!

Happy 4th of July weekend to you all! The past week has been about preparations for the holidays and we also saw tons of contests and offers for this weekend celebrations. I just logged into my Polyvore account after ages and there were a lot of new exciting stuff happening. Wasted no time, updated my profile, created some new sets and entered some contests (which are fun by the way).
There were lots of contests going on and among them 4th July theme contests too. Here's the set i made :).
Blues, whites and a touch of popping RED.

How's it?. Blues and Reds are my favorite colors and I love adding them to my outfit 
every time I get the chance.  

An outfit is  made perfect and complete by the right kind of shoes and I visited this site called Shoespie ( ) which is solely dedicated to shoes and shoes alone (woo hoo!). So, ladies and men, if you are looking or maybe just want a new store to shop online for 'cheap ankle boots', 'high heels shoes online' or 'heels buy online' etc. Do check out their collection. Some of us like me have small feet and it is kind of hard to get the exact fitting shoes. But the good news about Shoespie is they have a range of sizes available and for example, if you are looking for 'ankle boots with heels size 5', you get it right here. So, that's a big thumbs up for Shoespie. Every girl loves to wear fabulous shoes and yes, we are over the moon if we get the shoes we want in our sizes :). 
Polyvore is getting addictive again and am so busy clipping away all the fabulous shoes onto my polyvore collection. For today, I am sticking with ankle boots ( and heels ( I think that they are the most versatile, stylish and awesome kind of shoes which just literally goes with any outfit and makes you looks super classy and chic!
Here's some of them . More Love to 'Shoe Love'!

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