Thursday, 19 March 2015

Modish Bangles That Steal The Show

Which fashion trend are you following right now? The thing about fashion is that it is influenced by the time, season, place and so many other things. We want to talk about fashion trends for spring today and since winter has long bid goodbye, everyone is taking out their spring outfits and visiting the outdoors more. Me and my girlfriends went for a picnic to one of the beautiful parks here just a few days back. We dressed up in fun clothing suitable for the outing like flower printed dress, loose comfy tops and casual laid back jeans and tees. And for accessories, we had our hats on, our shades and a new trendy thing we added on were bracelets or bangles. Accessories add that extra oomph and style to any outfit. And yes, among the accessories that style up your outfit are – Bangles!
Worn in different ways and available in different designs and colours, bangles are one of my favourite accessories. I remember as a kid, wearing those multi-colored and wire type bangles with just any outfit . It was funny too to pair them with just about any outfit. Okay, that was then and there is now. Thanks to fashion magazines and scores of style tips available online and the media, one have some idea on ‘How To Wear Bangles’. And one of the popular ways to wear bangles are to wear several of them according to your outfit. Usually, gold or silver bangles of thin size and smooth proportions are worn with formal outfits like gowns and sarees. While plastic and metal bangles  of larger sizes are worn for casual outings and parties.

There are many styles and designs for bangles but my all time favourite ones are brass or bronze material bangles that are bit ethnic and have an  Indian look. They come in thin and wide sizes and the designs on them are intricate and beautiful. I feel that they add glamour and charm to any outfit and they are very versatile pieces too. I have added some images of these design of bangles that I like. Which is your favourite kinds of bangles? 
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