Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cricketers Can Make Style Statements Too

Cricketers and style? Can they go along?Fashion and style statements, are they not the arena of actors, musicians, footballers and socialites?. Well, like Bob Dylan's popular song goes 'Times they are a-changing' and oh boy, times are changing indeed. What is In today maybe Out tomorrow and what is Out today maybe In tomorrow. You get the gist of what am trying to say here about change and that leads me back to my first question, Cricketers and Style? The answer is a big Yes! And why not? News from the world of Cricket are not only about the scores and hits but also about the styles endorsed by the cricketers. 
The trend is changing over the last few years with advertisers and companies using cricketers to promote their products and brand. The oldest and early ads that I remember are of Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar promoting Pepsi drinks. Even then, style was not a major thing and they were adored more for their skills and sportsmanship. Okay, that was then and there is the now. Now, cricketers like M.S Dhoni and Virat Kohli represent a new generation of talented sportsman who are not only good at their profession but make dashing style statements. Just try using google images for 'Virat Kohli Ads' and 'Sachin Tendulkar  Ads' and the difference is so visible. Am not saying that older cricketers had no style, they did have  a certain charm of their own. 
Modern cricketers are always in the limelight and they are the new darlings for the  paparazzi. Over the years, cricketers have cranked up their style quotients and you see them sporting cool tattoos and  wacky hairstyles. The latest style statement that cricketers are sporting this Cricket World Cup 2015 is the Mohawk hairstyle. India's batting superstar, Virat Kohli can be seen with the Mohican hairstyle at the pitch  and scoring big on fan love. Other famous cricketers like Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal, South African allrounder Wayne Parnell and West Indies big-hitter Andre Russell are also sporting the Mohawk look. 

Yes, modern day cricketers are brand ambassadors and promoters for many companies and they are in huge demand now. Their style statements are the talk of the town and they prove that they can be as stylish and fashionable as the other celebrities in town. Thumbs up and cheers to Stylish Cricketers!
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