Monday, 2 February 2015

Sherwani For Men

A brief history of Sherwani

Sherwani for men is the most popular choice for weddings and other functions in India as it brings a sense of royalty to the wearer. It is also the national dress of Pakistan. It originated from an early popular dress call ‘Shirvan’ worn by people of Southern Asia and Mughals. However, it appeared in the form of salwar kameez or kurta pajama in India during the British empire in 18th century after which it was adopted as the royal Sherwani itself during the Mughal empire and turned into the traditional wear of Hindus as well as muslims among India. Kings used to show off their royalty by wearing pure silk Sherwani and regarded it as a symbol of wealth and status. Sherwani was also associated with the Aligarh movement. It closely resembles a Kurta Pajama or Achkan but offers a greater charm and nobility.

Worlds’ richest man, Asaf Jah- VII who had a 2 billion dollar empire in early 1940s and Mir Sir Osman Ali Khan, the nizam of Hyderabad, always wore Sherwani. It also became the national dress of Pakistan because their first prime minister, Mohammad Ali Jinnah used to wear Sherwani most of the times. In India also, Sherwani is the most popular choice as a formal dress in winters and especially for weddings. It has become the customary or traditional wedding dress for groom accompanied by a turban. Sherwani for men can be bought from almost any store dealing in Indian men’s dresses; one of the best places to buy sherwani for men is Cbazaar. At Cbazaar, you can find a variety of designs, styles and patterns that you will instantly fall in love with. You can also find a variety in the fabric used nowadays. All men look elegant wearing a sherwani. However, its elegance depends upon the fitting. The best fit is the one that stays close to the body, if it is too loose it will look more like a designer kurta pajama.

In earlier days, Sherwanis were embroidered with hand but with advancement of time and technology, machines have taken over in almost every field. Thus, these are also embroidered with machine. One can also find a sherwani beautifully crafted with embellishments like sequins, mirrors and beads along with embroidery. But today, men only wear these traditional gems on special occasions instead of a daily or casual wear.

Traditional Sherwani for men are still seen as a symbol of royalty and nobility once again just like the earlier time. The only difference is that men don’t wear them daily now but on very special occasions only. Sherwanis are also very popular among celebrities and movie stars. It adds to their glamour and style. Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, hrithik Roshan and almost every male actor has flaunted on screen wearing a Sherwani, which shows how popular this dress is. A Sherwani also looks adorable when worn with a dhoti. The designers instantly keep on experimenting with their artistic ideas to present a unique design every now and then. Some of the best pieces can be found at Cbazaar.


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