Monday, 15 December 2014

DressVe Fashion Dresses

Hello Beauties,
With the temperature dropping lower and lower, it is seriously getting harder to get dressed on time. I just want to stay snuggled up inside the warm blankets and stay permanently near the fireplace. But one can't stay forever like that and whether rain or snow or sun, we have to do our daily chores. And the winter season is also a time for many events and lots of parties. Put on your warm clothes and get ready to step out and face the cold :). 
Okay, my posts have been all about trench coats, boots, winter wear etc this whole month. For a change, I am going to make today's post about fashion dresses. The dresses are from DressVe ( and this is my second post about their products. 
The cold will find us wearing thick coats and boots and you may think that dresses are not needed at this season. But am telling you, we do need dresses and multiple styles that too. You can't just wear a coat or sweater alone, you need a good dress to go with it. Am posting some pictures of fashion dresses which are suitable for any occasion. Hope you like them.

1. Long Sleeve Fashion Dresses 

2. Fashion Lace Dresses

3. Fashion Sexy Dresses


  1. These dresses are so elegant! I love the first one.

  2. such beautiful dresses, so loved the first one
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  3. Hi sweetie!
    Great selection, beautiful dresses
    Love the pink one
    Btw, wanna follow each other?

  4. Great website :)


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