Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dresses by Aviva

Hello Beauties,
How’s your week going? I really am writing a lot of posts on dresses recently. I hope you are liking what you see and giving you some cool ideas for what dresses to wear during all the upcoming festivities and special events. Honestly, one can never tire of talking about dresses or writing about dresses or checking out or shopping dresses anytime anywhere. Your wardrobe may be full of different types of dresses like prom dress, cocktail dress or formal dress etc. However, no matter how full your closet maybe, you will always buy a new dress whenever a new occasion comes up. Am I right or wrong? I do love to wear something new for every new occasion and of course fashion keeps changing so fast that we have to know what’s the latest trend :).

Okay, which dress to wear and which occasion to wear to? The answer is easy for all fashionistas like you. You know which looks best on you but in case you don't, there is always the option to go for new styles and designs and see which fits you best!. The nature of the event will also give you an idea  about which dress would be suitable. 

I want to share about a new site that I came across while googling for dresses. They are called AvivaDress (http://www.avivadress.co.uk/ ) which offers all kinds of dresses for women. Based in the UK and some good news for those residing in the UK. Aviva has discounts and free shipping offers. 
Aviva has loyal and happy customers who have shared their photos wearing the dresses they bought. 
When you purchase a dress, you have the choice to modify the sizes and colors and Aviva indeed has a huge collection of dresses like prom dresses, long prom dresses, short prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses,  cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses etc.

So, if you have a party coming up at school or maybe at work, try one of their sexy cocktail dresses or if you are attending more formal dinner events, you can still choose among their evening dresses.  Their collections of dresses on every category is truly huge and customers can easily find the style they want.

I love their prom dresses collections and sharing some of them today.  The detailed lace work, beads and careful designs on these dresses are just very beautiful. I hope that you enjoyed reading the post and love these dresses as much I do.  Happy shopping and have a great week ahead J.

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