Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Welcome to The Luxe Cafe

Pic Credits: The Luxe Cafe

Picture this, you are sitting on the lawn of The Leela Palace, Udaipur, the beautiful Aravallis in the distance, the lake Pichola ever calm and serene. There’s a glass of champagne in your hand and you are having the most interesting of conversations with Joe King, head of AUDI India, about the latest AUDI A3. Joe is a very busy man but today he has taken time out to give you his expert opinion on why the AUDI A3 is the perfect luxury car for you. Now, how awesome is that? I say pretty awesome and you may be thinking the scenario sounds unbelievable. But wait, all this and more are possible and happening at the new hip and ultra cool “The Luxe Cafe”.

Welcome to the fabulous Luxe Cafe where your passions for knowing all about premium brands are met. The Luxe Cafe is India’s own and first of its kind B2C e-platform that is fully dedicated to global luxury and fine living. A one-stop place for those who wish to live luxuriously.
To be able to make a living out of my passion is luxury” (J.J. Valaya)
The Luxe Cafe is for the truly passionate connoisseur of fine living, exclusive tastes, technology, fashion and much more. And  luxury is not just restricted to the privileged few, but “it is for all those with the courage to look beyond the obvious and seek out the finer details” as said by  Manisha  Mayur Shekhar (Editorial Director & Founder, TheLuxeCafe.com).  

You don’t have to be a billionaire or residing in the metropolitan to live your dreams and gain access to first hand information on luxury brands. The Luxe Cafe is for  passionate aesthetes like you. This is your place to interact directly with the finest in the industry and help you to make informed expert choices. From the heads of automobiles industry to fashion designer experts to professional home stylists, the Luxe Cafe has the best trusted opinions and how-to guides. It is not just another lifestyle site with mediocre content but a truly professional and open platform to access information from the brand source itself. So, if you are looking to buy a holiday home in Mumbai, you have Om Ahuja (CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle, Real Estate Consultancy) who recommends that you look at Lonavala, Alibaug and Karjat.

The Luxe Cafe boasts of providing luxury enthusiasts and brand conscious clientele with expert opinion and quality content. By doing so, this e-zine aims to serve the passions of  the luxury conscious population across India, whether residing in the cosmopolitan cities or residing in tier 2 and 3 cities. The recent boom in economy has seen the rapid rise of a brand conscious class who are ready to spend their money for products that are worth it. Upcoming tier 2 and 3 cities like Chandigarh, Ghaziabad and Nashik etc have high end consumers who can really benefit from the quality information available at The Luxe Cafe.

A unique venture and innovative platform, the Luxe Cafe is the exclusive place to indulge in the world of luxury. Outstanding and different from other luxury magazines and websites, Luxe Cafe offers you an unforgettable experience in every lifestyle choice that you make. From fashion to travel, leisure to dream homes and life lessons, the Luxe Cafe truly offers its clients with a never before experience and takes one to a world of real luxury, whether you are sitting in your home at Delhi or having a cup of coffee at a bistro in Paris.

So, why don’t you walk into The Luxe Cafe today and in the words of Manisha Mayur Shekhar “Grab a chair. And we will talk about how you too could be living a dream less ordinary”.

 Read More, Know More at : http://www.theluxecafe.com/
Pic Credits:  The Luxe Cafe


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  2. So amazing and enjoy, I like so much.


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