Friday, 2 May 2014

Magic Wand

Dear Beauties,
                      It has been a really really long time since my last blog but again many thanks to my other half 'Ching' :) cause as usual she make it a point to connect with you all and  stays in touch sharing our ideas from time to time to the blogging world.

Writing has always been my passion and even though I get lazy at times, it always give me immense peace and a great satisfaction once I take my pen and a paper to write.  (I always write it in a book first and then type it later even when I upload my post :D).

Today I want to share you a poem called 'MAGIC WAND'  and I wrote it ten years back during my teenage days.  The poem always reminds me of how much I believe in magic and it still does and continues to take me to my own 'fairyland' world.  I hope you all liked it and as I always say ' it brings a big smile to my face'. :D :D.  Blessed week ahead!

                                             Magic Wand 

If I get a Magic Wand
I would go back to the days
When Santa Claus was so real to me,
That I can feel him during every X-Mas
Even though I never saw him,
there was never a thought or even a doubt
to question that he is unreal.
That is what I want to call as ' Purity'.

If I get a Magic Wand
I would want to go back to the days
When we can feel the excitement and happiness after pain
At the time when the tooth decays and fall off
Just to make a wish for the future,
Imagining it to have come true.
According to me is 'Believing'.

If I get a Magic Wand
I would want to go back to the days
when I felt like a Princess
for owning few barbie dolls
Dancing and singing along with them
wearing my mom's dresses and her fancy shoes
Wishing to grow old soon
for owning everything of hers
'Fantasy' can be fitted perfectly.

If I get a Magic Wand
A choice to wish only for the present
I would want to diminish inequality,
to see the beauty of every individual.
To bring more of love and less of lust
Cause love is always proven to be patient and kind.
To remove the existence of so called 'Old Aged Home'.
Sprinkle it with more purity, trust and fantasy
Above all, to be our true-self and live like a normal being.
Unfortunately this is ' Reality'.

                                      Much Love,

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