Friday, 29 March 2013

Cosmo + COLORBAR = Fabulous !!

If you happen to read the March Issue of  Cosmopolitan magazine (India ), you might have come across a published 'letter to editor' written by me on Taylor Swift (Big Fan) ! Had forgotten all about sending Cosmo sending the e-mail when a few days back I received this wonderful beauty box from  COLORBAR !! I opened it and Out came all these gorgeous bright colors goodies - yay !

Like the gift hamper promises - Ready For Picture Perfect Make Up ??  Let me show you what was inside the box .....

  • Enchanting Trio Eye shadow Palette ( #004 Gorgeous Purple )
  • Lip Pot (# 009 Pink Velvet )
  • No Fuss Emery Tipped Cuticle Sticks
  • Eyelluring Eyeshadow Brush
  • Keep Blushing Blush Brush 
  • Picture Perfect Foundation Brush
  • Fabulips Lip Brush
  • Showstopper Eyelash Curler !
Quite a steal right??...their timing was perfect since I recently started having a craze for make-up tools and cosmetics and really eager to try them all out : ). 
* I love the color of the brushes and they are really fun and easy to use - soft and smooth to use and no shedding of brush hairs.
* Eyelash Curler gives you wonderful curls without hurting your eyelids : )
* The Lip Pot moisturizes your lips and gives it a glossy shine too !
* Easy to apply eye shadow and glides evenly on your eyelids ! Not to forget the colors are gorgeous ! 

Hope you love COLORBAR cosmetics ! What's your Favorite?

                                 Thank You Cosmo ^_^ !! 

Taste Of Country Pics
                                            Love Taylor Swift ... Are you a Fan?

Thank you for reading and Hope you have a Happy Easter Weekend : )


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Swarovski for Crystal Lovers!!

Dear Beauties,

And 'Swarovski' is all over the leading fashion magazine too :)

                      This post is for all the crystal lovers. 'Swarovski' is one of the top most brand for crystal and world's largest crystal suppliers.  It is known for its quality and although the price is a little bit over the top, it is worth having one in your collection.

I myself never knew the difference between cheap and expensive crystal until my boyfriend surprise me with one after I came back spending my Holidays with my grandparents.  He sure knows how to pamper me :).  He gave me a gave bracelet with 9 hearts signifying our 9 years of togetherness and a matching earring to pair with it.  I love the Idea of 9 hearts and it was so sweet of him to even come up with the idea.

Much Love,

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BLAZER LOVE from THBoxes !

Hi Beauties!
Do You love Blazers? I absolutely do and more so From the moment I saw Robin wearing all those gorgeous Blazers  in 'How I Met Your Mother'. I think Blazers are a "Must Have" piece of clothing because they are perfect for any occasion or event - works either way - casual or formal ! We were recently offered a collaboration with the site and I have introduced them at our GIVEAWAY which is going on  (Ends on 18th March, 2013 ). 
So, to start with, they sent this beautiful Blazer..which of course  I chose : ). It reached in 13 days and am so in love with the color(Rose Red). The material is of good quality and so comfortable to wear. You can fold up the sleeves and wear it.... looks great that way too.
I can't wait for events to come up : )... For the pictures, I paired it up with a black and yellow top and black pants.
 I am really bad with posing ...  but anyways with the help of two of  my girl pals - Shiela and Monica - we managed to take some pictures!

Product Info :
*Name :  Hot Elegant OL Foldable Sleeve Women Suit Outwear Blazer 
*Material: Cotton Blends
*Sizes: XS S M L

*Colors Available: Royal Blue, Ice Green, Orange, Black, Rose Red, Lemon     Yellow

* Price : $ 18.50

What do You think ? If you like it. Check It Out HERE


                                ENTER THBoxes FREE JEWELRY GIVEAWAY !

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Post women's Day note !!!!

I'm very very grateful to be born as a female.  It is one of the most beautiful gifts for every mankind, a mother for the daughters and sons, a sister for the brother,  a wife to the husband, a girlfriend for the boyfriend, a best friend to many.  And here comes the best part and the biggest opportunities we have as a female to wear beautiful dresses, pumps, heels, ballerinas you name to beautify our feet , cute tiny boxes in various shape to enhance our looks, varieties of  jewellery to make a statement and pamper us in every possible way.  So I say cheers to every woman out there and luckily us for bringing such a beautiful colour to this world :D.

I know we are one day behind Women's Day but don't want to miss out without wishing you all on this beautiful occasion that everyone of us deserves :).  So enjoy the Women's Day weekend with a blast.

I normally choose the colour of my outfit depending on the occasion and my mood at that particular time.  I chose 'White' as it signifies heaven, purity, innocence, optimism and perfection and what better way to define a Woman :D.  I team up the white with a lime green  top and a turmeric yellow ballerina to add a little bit of zing to the look ;)  Thanks for visiting and do tell me how was your Women's Day??? Would love to hear from you all.

My nine hearts Swarovski bracelet which I adore.

With love:)
With blogmate Dipika syngai, my boyfriend and his best bud Favian :)
Pinky at her best !!

Main course we ordered last night :)

Much Love 

What I wore :
|| Lime Green Top and Yellow  Ballerinas  - Boutique from Shillong  || Sequins Jacket - Gift from my Aunt || Pants - Allen Solly || Lipstick - MAC Amplified Morange ||  Belt - Forever  ||  Bracelet - Swarovski ||

What Dipika Syngai Wore :
||  Blazer - Zara  ||  British printed top - Westside  ||  Leopard printed pants - Mango  ||  Loafers - Boutique from Shillong  ||

Friday, 8 March 2013

Lace - The undying trend!!

Dear Beauties,
                       Lace is never a new trend and was spotted as the main attraction in the runways last year and it will still continue to do so.  The colour 'Bluish grey' hues exude ultra-fashionable flair and is one of the colour trend for this year too.  Talking about it, I love both of them and decided - why not pair the combination of lace and the colour in my outfit :).  What do my beauties say about my look???

 P.S - Picture taken along with my guy and his sister who also happen to be our blogmate and good friend Dipika Syngai When we decided to visit the park ( Priyadarshini Park) before we head off for shopping :-).

Much love as always,

             Lace tops - Sarojini Market, Delhi
Lace skirt - Self Tailored
         Shoe, Bag and Belt -Forever New