Monday, 9 September 2013

We Can't Stop!!

Dear Beauties,
                       How was your weekend?  Well mine was great, spending time with the people that I truly adore and doing what we love the most - Eating Out and Getting decked up :P.  I have worn an Aztec print high waist pant with a black crop top and a shimmering peep toe as my outfit for the day.  And I can't stop drooling over Tse's knee length boots the entire time :).  Also let me introduce you to my other Bff  'SHAN' who of late have always made an impression with his fashion sense.

Aztec print has become a style quotient and this print have done justice to make us fall in love with her all the more.  The daring colour combination of geometric lines have an amazing way to charm yourself and make it worth the wear.  It is so in trend for this season be it a high-waist Pant/ skirts, accessories, shoes, bikinis.  Don't miss out on owning one for yourself.

P.S - This print is difficult to pull it off due to its bright and daring prints.  A tip from my side would be to keep the other outfit as simple as possible, avoid many colour combinations and not to exaggerate the accessories.

The shoes we wore :)


Much Love as always,

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