Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Belated Friendship Day

As adults,we hardly get enough time to spend with our friends with our busy lifestyle. So busy, that I didn't even get to spend Friendship Day with my besties even though one of them was in town.
Back in the school days, every year Friendship Day was around the corner, I remember going shopping to buy a 'friendship band' for each one of my friends .It all seems a little cheesy now or must I say, we are getting too old for all that. Now,my idea of Friendship Day is to have a relaxing day at a nice restaurant sharing a yummy lunch with my bestie, and that was just what we did.
My friend Victoria and I decided to try out this nice restaurant in town called "cafe shillong".
We met up after a long break of almost two weeks. So excited were we, that I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant other than ourselves posing... and also were so hungry that i missed out taking pictures of the food too!
One thing I do remember though,was the service. The staff were incredibly considerate and very attentive to our needs. So I must thank them for making our belated Friendship Day an enjoyable one! Here are a few pictures we did take..


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