Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Vellvette June Bag

Hello Beauties!

I will start off by asking 'Which Is your favorite beauty box?'. I just love beauty boxes - small packages of surprising gifts and treats every month, the waiting, the guessing and finally receiving and finding out you got what you liked and wished for : ). Amazing right? Initially, I wrote mostly on TV shows, online shopping sites and favorite movies etc but Mimi suggested that I start on beauty products too and boy! what a surprise I was in for. I never knew that I had such a craze for lipsticks, creams, concealers, foundations,eye shadows and all beauty products (mind you, am already 26 years old..hahaha!) . Now, I am so getting addicted to trying them all. And then comes along a new thing which I discovered from reading other beauty blogs - 'Beauty Boxes'! Just one blog post on reading about one was enough to set me off to finding all about them - which is the best? where to get? and most important - Do they deliver to INDIA???. The last answer was so frustrating since most boxes don't ship to India. But I didn't give up and ta da! an amazing and awesome box is available right here and that is - Vellvette Beauty Box!! The subscription cost is real affordable too , only Rs. 399 per month, less than $10. That was in May and i'm happily receiving each wonderful box from now. 

Okay now, the June Box is different - It came in a cute pink bag and lots of extra goodies which am sharing today. 

I received : 
  1. Just Herbs Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment Kit - the cute little pots are them : )
  2. LA Splash Glitter Eyeliner - In 'Pacific Ocean' color, the color is amazing and oh so glam!
  3. Toni & Guy Daily Style Conditioner - hey! am ready for some gorgeous hair
  4. NYX Lip Gloss Peach Peche - this was a June offer addition.
1. Dark circles - almost all of us go through this sometimes or a lot maybe. As for me it's perfect at this time since I have so few hours of sleep from over stressing about my dissertation submissions.

2. The star of this month! it's a liner+shadow+glitter all packed into one package to make you look stunning any time - my favorite!

3. Again, perfect to manage my hair in this Delhi heat and humidity!

4. The color is light, smells of candy and smooth to apply. Gives a glossy shine !

You can see two bags here cause I added Mimi's Bag too for the Pics : )

Love all of the products and Vellvette team sure knows what I like and love. They are so amazing and cool and they just know how to make your day : )
What Do you think of the goodies? 
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  1. I got the same things except for the just herbs products I got different ones.. I so wnted the under eye cream! Btw i tried the glitter liner and it dint dry at all! Was a mess! You've applied it really well! Hw'd u do tht?

    1. hey thanks girl, the liner dried up real fast with mine, maybe cos i applied it and then stayed under the fan for like 10 seconds : )

  2. Very nice post.. I never knew that we have a goodie box in india.. :)
    Im trying this for sure..
    Keep in touch,

  3. You go great stuff doll :D Love the lipgloss :D
    xoxo <3


    1. haha, thanks dear, i like the gloss too : )

  4. I love NYX. Love your blog girlie. I am obsessed with makeup! Following you. Hope you stop by and follow me back :)


    1. thank you dear, love your latest post on cute date ideas ;)

  5. Liner is so pretty.. I am just checking liner shade that girls have received

  6. how come you got 2 vellvette bags? :o

    1. lol..the other one belongs to my friend Anushka :)

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  8. i love nyx make-up
    I waiting you on my blog!
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  9. hi, i'm your new follower, i love this makeup :)
    graet blog!!!!:D
    if you want visit my italian fahion blog and follow me!!! :D
    thank you very much!!!


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