Monday, 29 April 2013

Shoe Spring/Summer Trend -2013

Dear Beauties,
                       I am sure you all had a fab week and there might be lots of interesting stories and fashion ideas to share.  Even me I did my bit to know more about this Spring/Summer Shoe trend and I am excited to share what I learned :).

There are some trends which come very often in almost all the seasons and every year and there are those that  hardly comes and you will see them coming back after many years.  This time there are some shoes  which are in trend after quite some time.  And my favorites among them are the Monochrome, Tribal or Aztec prints, Metallic ones,  Transparent and the Wedge sneakers.

So don't miss out on owning each pair of it and enjoy the attraction wherever you step foot on it.:D

Monochrome : 

Aztec/ Tribal Print :

Tribal & Aztec Prints

Metallic :
Metallic Shoes

Transparent Shoes :
Transparent Shoes

Wedge Sneakers :
Wedge Sneakers

Wedge Sneakers by canvirries featuring a hidden wedge

Much Love,

||Pic courtesy : Mostly from Zara and||

Friday, 19 April 2013

Floral - Spring Trend 2013

Dear Beauties, 
  • The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature becomes more bearable than the winter and not too humid and hot unlike the summers. Hence there has never been a better time to dress yourself at best .
    Floral from head to toe is also one of the trend this season and I love this trend. It takes out the feminine, cheerful side of you with a style. This Spring you can colour the town and win everybody's attention with Floral.  And don't forget to add a big smile to your face.

    P.S - I'm wearing my self stitched Floral blazer and shorts. 
    Happy Spring Season to all you Beauties!!
    Much Love,

    || Self Stitched Blazer and shorts || Bag - Marks and Spencer Limited Edition || Shoes - Body Basic (Boutique in Shillong) ||

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pastels For Spring !!

Pastels are everywhere this spring and is a regular in all the runways.  The freshness and the subtleness of these colours brings out the feminine and elegant beauty and is the perfect colour to welcome the Spring :)  I chose a  peach pastel for my outfit today and I'm all set to welcome this spring with a big smile.

Have a wonderful week ahead. 

Much Love,

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Not Just Any Denim But Sonas

Denims and With It

Dear Beauties 

Who among you does not like Denim ?? None I bet ( $ 1 million - haha! just kidding ) !! But yes seriously almost everybody loves a good pair of Denim jeans and once you find your perfect match - they are your best friend and you're a style rocker ! And that is exactly what Happened to Gerry Kelly - Founder of SONAS SAN Francisco Denim Brand.

                                                         What's the story?

* The year was 2001, Gerry, who is a big desert fashion guy bought a pair of vintage patchwork jeans in San Francisco for wear at a big party in the Nevada Desert. After that, he ended up wearing them to every party that welcomed the style until one day - the jeans had to R.I.P after years of wearing.!

* Gerry searched for another pair but found that his choice of jeans were not available anywhere anymore...Not to give up, Gerry along with the help of his local Irish Pub bartender and his wife Christine, set to work at designing the first pairs of the unique Sonas jeans!

And They are a success ! and now I introduce to you the "New Sonas San Francisco Denim " and quoting from  their words - 

" Inspired in the desert, born in the Bay, made with a little luck of the Irish in California"

The jeans are Unique with their patchwork patterns and five pocket denims, sexy and with great fittings !! And these are not just empty claims - because stars and fashion icon like Janice Dickinson and Sofia Milos of ' CSI Miami' are looking their most stylish in a pair of Sonas Jeans ! 

Every pair is designed using over 50 individual patches sewn together forming one of the most unique denim found today. They are different and one-of-a-kind, a new and innovative jeans in the world of Denim. Take a look !

So, what do you think ? Would you own one ? If you do - good news !! All Readers get a discount of 20 % off - simply use the code : love2013 and don't worry about shipping charges as its Free Shipping/Free Returns . And plus they donate 10% of Net Profits to Animal Welfare.



Saturday, 6 April 2013


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Friday, 5 April 2013

Colors of Spring and Wishlists


One of my most favorite seasons !! The air is warm and pleasant, the flowers are magnificent with their best clothes on *_* !! There is a wonderful scent in the air with their sweet aroma !I want to be on a beautiful beach right now and sip delicious drinks and do nothing !!  And best of all ... You can wear your best, most colorful and bright dresses ! So in love with bright colors at the moment !. Are you in a Spring shopping mood ? I was and one morning while browsing around the internet  and googling (as I always do 4 anything! )  for floral, colorful dresses, I found these pretty dresses at . I know we have talked about them in our earlier posts, and shown their gorgeous Wedding DResses at one of our posts and after that I had not visited their site for a while. But I had seen that they have a pretty good collection of  dresses in their wholesale clothes and knew that they would have put in new collections ! And yes! I was not disappointed ! For now, these are on my wishlists cause I know I have to finish writing my (very due ) huge paper before I go shopping!. Tell me If you like the floral trend dresses....or what's your style this season??

Thank you for reading and wait !! I forgot to mention that they have great collections for the men too !  I didn't forget you :  ). Guys! you can check their Wholesale Mens Clothes  if interested!!

Happy Weekend and A colorful One