Monday, 16 September 2013

Knit One Purl One

Spring is creeping in and winter's almost gone. There's so many things to love about winter. I love the chilly weather. The tea by the fire and if course all the woollens we pile up on. I love knit wear. Its always fascinated me how our mothers and grandmothers wind the humble ball of wool into an individual creation of their own. So, I finally decided to give knitting a try. Now I know I'm just supposed to post about bakes, but why limit ourselves to just a few things in life,eh?

I was taught to knit and purl when I was 8 by my Dad. Weird? I know, but there was nothing my Dad couldn't do and Knitting was one of them.

So just recently, I was gifted a rather cute book on knitting by my eldest sister and I just had to try it out!!

The illustrations were so cute and super easy to understand....

There were guidelines to basic knitting, with very easy to follow steps:

And after having learnt basic knit and purl technique, you could learn how to read knitting patterns which are vital to knitting almost about anything.

In addition to the book, the kit also included this cute knitting box where one could save their knitting stuff like needles and yarn and stuff...

Once you had mastered the basics, you could follow instructions to knitting cute soft toys like this:

I chose to knit the rabbit and the end result was supposed to look like this:

Et Voila! This is how my first ever knit work turned out to be:

Isn't he cute? Does resemble the one on the book, or what do you think?

But I must admit I'm very happy and proud of myself after knitting this. Never in my dreams did I imagine I could do this. Had been knitting incomplete mufflers till now.... :)

One thing's for sure, that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

So to all of you knit wits out there, happy knitting and keep the talent alive!!

Loads of love......Tse.


  1. Awww would love to try.
    but not toys.I wanna try knitting sweaters.I love knitted sweaters.maybe you can give abit of guidelines on that if you've tried!:)
    But you did looked like the one in the picture.

  2. thanks so much chonya ! im glad u found it similar to thr pic, whew! :)
    as for the sweater, hadn't thought abt it. but will surely give it a try! thanks for dropping by!

  3. hi there, love your blog! followed you via gfc & bloglovin :)



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