Friday, 8 March 2013

Lace - The undying trend!!

Dear Beauties,
                       Lace is never a new trend and was spotted as the main attraction in the runways last year and it will still continue to do so.  The colour 'Bluish grey' hues exude ultra-fashionable flair and is one of the colour trend for this year too.  Talking about it, I love both of them and decided - why not pair the combination of lace and the colour in my outfit :).  What do my beauties say about my look???

 P.S - Picture taken along with my guy and his sister who also happen to be our blogmate and good friend Dipika Syngai When we decided to visit the park ( Priyadarshini Park) before we head off for shopping :-).

Much love as always,

             Lace tops - Sarojini Market, Delhi
Lace skirt - Self Tailored
         Shoe, Bag and Belt -Forever New

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