Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mumbai - Everybody's welcome here :)

(View of the Arabian Sea.)
"I know you got your own town
I know you got your own ways

I know you got your own life

I'm just sayin' C'mon down to my place
I know there is no place like home

But I know you gonna like it in my city
Everybody's welcome here

Everybody welcome to my city

We got no worries here

I know you gonna like it in my city

You ain't gonna wanna leave"
( Lyrics taken from the song  ' In my city' sung by Priyanka Chopra, one of the leading contemporary actress of Hindi cinema and was crowned 'MISS WORLD' in the year 2000)

I chose this song as it is perfect for my post today since I am sharing the pictures taken while I  visited Mumbai recently.  The city is being defined and described in many ways say for e.g a city that never sleeps , a land filled with opportunities for every individual, the birth of Indian Cinema and a city with diverse lifestyle with a variety of food, entertainment, night life , you name it and you will find in abundance comparing any other world capitals.

I am very attached to this city as it is the place where I first learnt to strive in my own like many other individual.  As a thank you note to her :) and a place which will remain  forever very close to my heart , here are some few pictures which I would like to share with you all.  

I am not a good photographer, however  I  wanted to share the normal daily lifestyle and activities that happens in and around the city.  I hope you like it and I recommend each and every one of you to visit when you can :)

Priyadarshini Park, Nespian Sea Road, Malabar Hills ( Located very close by to where I stayed)

Enjoying the view of the sea with Blog mate Dipika Syngai

COLABA STREET : A must visit place for people like us who loves to shop on the streets.  It is best to explore by foot and you will find anything in abundance from antique , jewellery  bags, shoes, sunglasses, fruits, etc. (P.S - you should have a talent to bargain :D)

Jewelry shops just outside the cafe.

Bargained for quite some time and bought myself some amazing statement necklace from this shop :D

Vast collection of antiques (telescope, Sun dial, clocks, lamps, trumpets etc)

Tourist enjoying the street :)

Like I mentioned earlier , they sell everything possible here :)

Fruits and the extreme left are flip flops  :)

Gateway of India and the famous Taj Mahal Hotel :

They have this chariot ride facility made available from 7 P.M  onwards to go round about the hotel and towards the beach.  I did not enjoy the ride at all  as he was carrying 6 of us and personally feel that this should be stopped.

IN AND AROUND ZHAVERI MARKET - Its the biggest jewellery market in the city and is dotted with hundreds of jewellery shop and fabric shops too :)


 Huge trolley use to carry tons of  goods.

 Hawkers selling veggies :)

 An old woman outside her balcony  :)

 Hawkers selling fruits when the Traffic signals is 'RED' :D

 Couple enjoying their ride in a Scooty :)

 Chowpathy Beach ( the most famous beach in Mumbai  and also one of the most common hang out place)

It reminds me so much of the movie 'Vicky Christina Barcelona' :D

P.S - The places shown here are taken in south part of Mumbai only.  


  1. Great post ! Im from mumbai my self ! :D Enjoyed seeing all the pictures. This is such a great post :D
    xoxo <3

    1. Thanks shanaya and I'm glad you liked it :-) It's a beautiful city and you r one lucky girl to enjoy the city everyday <3

  2. woow! looks like such a great place! will defo go there one day! *_* ps.nicee photos!! :)

    1. Yeah you should . You will never regret it :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. . I'm glad you liked it

  4. Love the pics, and yeah Mumbai was fun :D
    Lets do it again someday ^_^


  5. wow look at the market! The fabrics!!!! I really wish I could be there!!!

    1. Yeah there were hundreds of fabric shop and i had so much of fun, do visit the city, you will love it


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