Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo - Perfection at its best

Dear Beauties,

                      It is no doubt, he have created a space in most of every women's heart apart from his male football fans from all over the world.  I am among the fans who completely adore him as a footballer, as a person and not to forget for hid dead drop charming look :P.  I'm gonna write a little more then I normally do  as this moment might not come again and again to profess my admiration for him.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The Man in Action.
He is one among few people who inspired me and I can give thousands of reason for the matter.  I really admire how he gives hundred percent in everything he do.  No doubt, he is one of the best footballer and is also best described as 'The best modern day footballer' for his skills and impact.

With his Familia!!
He is a family man, has a big heart and as much as he receives, he gives back too.

The Man, his Lady Love and Ronaldo JR

 Finally he has found 'The One' aka Irina Shayk, it seems :).  I tell you she is a beauty and both of them look perfect together.  To add to it, his son is equally adorable as him.

He does it right in style too :D.
And not to forget he loves to pamper himself and is one of the sports person, that cares a lot on how he looks.  Adding to that, his fashion sense has always been  talked about.

Manchester United is my favorite club and I came to know about him when he joined the club.  Alex Ferguson is undeniably the best manager and is a visionary who so far has never been wrong in choosing promising players like my another Idol David Beckham, who has become a legend and a person loved by all.        I really salute him for giving all he can for the club.  However, its kinda sad that he left and join Real Madrid. He still have a very soft corner for Manchester United and have confessed many a times that misses his old club (I strongly believes that he will come back and I pray he does :P)

Some of his achievements and this is just the beginning :D.
Many critics and people with opinions have issues with him and  the way he plays.  They think he is too proud, a Casanova  over-confident blah blah blah and so on, but to be honest when you have created a name for yourself as one of the best, giving your best and sacrificing many things to reach that place, I say what's there in proclaiming yourself to be the best.

P.S - Man United and Real Madrid will be playing tomorrow.  Can't wait to see him playing against his old team and super excited to see the reaction of him and his old mates when they meet for the match.  May the team who gives their best wins (Can't really choose between Him or Man United :P)

Cheers to all Man United and Real Madrid Fans!!!

Much Love,

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