Wednesday, 6 February 2013

BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover Review

Dearest Beauties!
Happy Wednesday..its the middle of the week and everyone is busy with their own work and studies... hope you all are doing great anyways : )! Every evening when you are back from school or work or a date (*_^),  one of the things we do without fail is "Cleaning Up" and removing make-up right? One of the steps most important for skin care! Today, I am so happy to share about a perfect cleansing product from which has great products of BB Cream! I've always loved to try out more of their products and luckily they invited me to be one of their beauty bloggers (so excited!). They sent me the product - "Perfect Calming BB Remover" which is essentially a "1 Step Cleansing and Make-Up Remover"!

The Product Claims that It is A:
* Soft Calming Foam Cleanser for Clean and Refreshing Facial wash!
* Removes Make-Up and Cleanses skin at the same time!
* One-Step Multi Remover!
* Thorough Cleansing with Foaming Action!
* Oil-Free Cleanser that doesn't Clog Pores
* Liquid Gel Cleanser that does not leave your skin feeling Dry !
* Soothing Blue Phyto Complex !
* Skin Irritation Test Done = Safe for Sensitive Skin!
* Cleanses Skin + Remove Dead Cells + Balances Moisture and Oil + Calming + Soothing + Intensive Moisturizing

                                    What I experienced:
After using it for 3 days, visible changes can be seen like more clean and even skin tone. Complete removal of make-up, no dryness or itchiness, skin is moisturized. My room mate said my skin glows ; )!

                                Physical Looks of Product:
It comes in a plastic bottle with convenient pump, transparent liquid gel, mild aloe vera smell, smooth gel texture, covers face easily when applying.
                                      How To Apply:
Take moderate amount and apply all over face and massage softly. Work up bubbles by mixing with little water (I dipped cotton in water and applied) and wash off with cool or warm water.
                                    Price and Shipping:
Costs $25 for 200 ml/6.76 fl.oz. Ships Internationally. For India, they charge $18 per shipment. Fast delivery by USPS, got it in 10 days. Good packaging, no damage to product. See below!

After Use..

I am liking it so much!..I normally don't use much make-up but since its a cleanser as well, it is perfect for facial wash and cleansing anytime! My skin feels great and fresh after every use : )! It is so simple and easy to use and i love the way it works up a rich lather when you add water.Hope you like it and maybe try it Out!(you can get It  at )
Leave me with your favorite cleanser products and opinions. 
Thank You for Reading : )


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