Saturday, 26 January 2013

NYE :)

Dear Beauties,
                      I'm sure everybody is enjoying every bit of 2013 with a big bang :)....I know its very late for me to personally wish you all a Happy New Year but I'm going to wish you all anyways :)...I pray we continue to share our ideas and love for fashion like we did last year and May the Good Lord and His Angels bless upon and guard us always.

My New Year was a quiet and simple affair with my Love and his family (unfortunately couldn't join with my parents due to some reasons).  However I enjoyed every bit of it and couldn't ask for more :)...We dance to some songs, cut the cake, shared the cards, lots of hugs and kisses and blessings to each other, drive around the city, burst crackers on the road and then stayed awake until dawn warming myself next to the bonfire.  Got some few pictures of myself before the party and ended up clicking none after that.  Here are the pics...Enjoy!!!

P.S - Did you like my skirt?? I stitch it myself and nothing branded except for the shoes (Forever 21).  I did some make up that day which I rarely apply, to hide my acne (still suffering from it :( ) and was quite impressed with the result.  Came out perfectly like I wanted, but remember Beauties to always remove the make up before going to sleep...

Much Love 

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