Tuesday, 22 January 2013

$hine Bright Like Diamonds!

Winter Winter Go away,
You are making my hair and skin so dull and dry 
Let me be fair and fresh like spring again : )!
Come Again when am ready! 

Haha..tried to put in more words but that's not a poetess like Dipika Syngai - Realm of a Poetess who has (btw) nice poems and is soon to be an author : )! So then, back to my unsuccessful attempt at poetry and my reason...As you know, we are all enjoying winter and with it comes the usual complaints..dull hair, dry skin etc etc ! As for me, i kind of neglected taking care of my hair and skin with going for trips and having fun with my relatives---soaked up the sun so much---got so tanned : ( !!  But not yet, not yet a lost cause..i came back and my dear roomie Shiela told me about a new product from Dove which does wonders for hairfall and dullness! Its the new Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair can use it as overnight oiling or for shine after washing your hair. Your hair feels just wonderful i tell you..the bottle is so pretty and the oil has got a nice smell of a mix of  rose, hibiscus and lavender. Okay my hair is safe! What do you do for hair care?

                                                               Get It At

                                                                      Love Your Hair!

                       The brownish things inside are rose petals floating.

As for my skin, i use MAYBELLINE ClearGlow BB Cream-02 Radiance. I've found this cream the ideal one for my skin type and within few days of using, my skin became normal again and more better. 

Thank you for reading and do leave me with your beauty secrets : ) Have a good week ahead...
I end with song "Diamonds" By Rihanna..Enjoy : )



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