Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Two and a Half Men- Ashton Kutcher & Miley Cyrus Episode

Dearest Beauties!
I hope you are having a good week! Today I want to share an episode of  Two and A Half Men Season 10, yes! the one with Ashton Kuthcher now..miss Charlie, the show ain't the same without him. At first i thought Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt (billionaire ) would not be filling Charlie's shoes.. But after season 9 and the start of season is getting very interesting, funny and good! Walden Schmidt has a charm of his own and he is so cute! Okay..this particular episode (4) of season 10 has the first appearance by Miley Cyrus as Missi- loud mouth, non-stop chatting box, no brakes, witty girl! Hahaha..from the moment she enters the house, she shuts everyone up by doing all the Talking!! Oh Ho ! but somebody does shut her up finally..! none other than JAKE Harper..ain't he cute?? Love the show and waiting for more episodes..I'd love to know if you are fans too and who is your favorite and least favorite character ^_^! Have a good week and next post I will write on the new show 
"The Carrie Diaries"

'Oh! you must be Jake..i sleep in your room'

'God Bless America...'

'Don't be a Hero''

'What just Happened?'



Saturday, 26 January 2013

NYE :)

Dear Beauties,
                      I'm sure everybody is enjoying every bit of 2013 with a big bang :)....I know its very late for me to personally wish you all a Happy New Year but I'm going to wish you all anyways :)...I pray we continue to share our ideas and love for fashion like we did last year and May the Good Lord and His Angels bless upon and guard us always.

My New Year was a quiet and simple affair with my Love and his family (unfortunately couldn't join with my parents due to some reasons).  However I enjoyed every bit of it and couldn't ask for more :)...We dance to some songs, cut the cake, shared the cards, lots of hugs and kisses and blessings to each other, drive around the city, burst crackers on the road and then stayed awake until dawn warming myself next to the bonfire.  Got some few pictures of myself before the party and ended up clicking none after that.  Here are the pics...Enjoy!!!

P.S - Did you like my skirt?? I stitch it myself and nothing branded except for the shoes (Forever 21).  I did some make up that day which I rarely apply, to hide my acne (still suffering from it :( ) and was quite impressed with the result.  Came out perfectly like I wanted, but remember Beauties to always remove the make up before going to sleep...

Much Love 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

$hine Bright Like Diamonds!

Winter Winter Go away,
You are making my hair and skin so dull and dry 
Let me be fair and fresh like spring again : )!
Come Again when am ready! 

Haha..tried to put in more words but that's not a poetess like Dipika Syngai - Realm of a Poetess who has (btw) nice poems and is soon to be an author : )! So then, back to my unsuccessful attempt at poetry and my reason...As you know, we are all enjoying winter and with it comes the usual complaints..dull hair, dry skin etc etc ! As for me, i kind of neglected taking care of my hair and skin with going for trips and having fun with my relatives---soaked up the sun so much---got so tanned : ( !!  But not yet, not yet a lost cause..i came back and my dear roomie Shiela told me about a new product from Dove which does wonders for hairfall and dullness! Its the new Dove Elixir Rose & Almond Hair can use it as overnight oiling or for shine after washing your hair. Your hair feels just wonderful i tell you..the bottle is so pretty and the oil has got a nice smell of a mix of  rose, hibiscus and lavender. Okay my hair is safe! What do you do for hair care?

                                                               Get It At

                                                                      Love Your Hair!

                       The brownish things inside are rose petals floating.

As for my skin, i use MAYBELLINE ClearGlow BB Cream-02 Radiance. I've found this cream the ideal one for my skin type and within few days of using, my skin became normal again and more better. 

Thank you for reading and do leave me with your beauty secrets : ) Have a good week ahead...
I end with song "Diamonds" By Rihanna..Enjoy : )



Saturday, 19 January 2013

Weekend - What I do <> Chings

Hello Beauties :  )!! How's your weekend? Am sure, you all are having a good time..well, its a Saturday on my part of the globe and  what i normally do is catch up on the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows or watch new movies. This week, I did re-watch an old really good and classic movie "Roman Holiday" starring Audrey Hepburn..Oh My! you should see the movie again if you already did..she is just so beautiful, fresh and a total D-I-V-A !!..yes! yes!..we know that she is an immortal face of beauty! we all love her : )!

Okay, back to the present latest obsession is "EMILY VANCAMP"  A.K.A  Emily Thorne in the  TV show Revenge...she has beauty and fantastic acting skills! The thing i love about the show is the "Costumes"..hats off  to Jill Ohanneson - Costume designer for Revenge. From Season 1, i've been browsing the web for details about the clothes and aha! i found a website which reveals the designers for the wardrobe- 

(Made a collage of Emily ..)

     I love the simple but elegant dress she wore at the latest episode..

Aside from Revenge, i love Modern Family (hilarious!!every episode) and How I Met Your Mother..psst! if any of you are HIMYM fans..the latest episode showed a teeny peep of Ted's future wife..again! (when are they showing her???!)

Look at Lily in a purple dress..!!

              ^This picture is my favorite one from their group cute and sweet!...^
  Love love every blazer that Robin wears, the one below is - in Barney's words  - awesome !!

I will end here for now but  do leave me with comments on what's your favorite shows and wish you beautiful people a happy and wonderful weekend!! *_*


pics from:,,,,

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Our First Giveaway - $80 Msdressy Gift Voucher!!

Dear Beauties !,

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All the Best !! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wedding Bells : ) !!

Dear Beauties,

We are on an online shopping spree..: ) ! the last two months December and January were like the official season for weddings and we got to see some beautiful ceremonies..sigh : )! the gowns were so gorgeous and heavenly!
Anyways, today we wanted to introduce a wonderful site EFOX which has gorgeous wedding dresses ( in case your wedding is coming up? ) and at great prices too. They have beautiful wedding dresses and some are even   UNDER $100 ! right?!..not only that, there are discount on homecoming dresses  too : )!Just check them out and have a fun time looking through their beautiful dresses. Aside from wedding dresses, they are sellers of  celebrity dresses  women fashion wholesale clothing and jewelry !..and their shipping rates are reasonable and cheap. Anyone interested in being a partner for sales can also join their drop ship clothing program : ) and fill your shops with their pretty collection.

Have fun shopping and here's a peek of their collection ...

Personal Favorite ...Do you like it? : )
So, what do you think ladies? leave us with your choices and thoughts...stay beautiful!!

CanVirRies : )

Keep Kalm and go shopping Infographic

Monday, 14 January 2013

a trip to remember- the canvirries

Hi all! As mentioned in our earlier post, the three of us were busy travelling to different places either with our family or to visit them. Since it was the holiday season, how could *~The Canvirries~* miss out on all the fun? We gave you a sneak peek of our vacation in our previous post, and now we are taking you through a kaleidoscope of pictures that each of us have taken through our journey.
This post is based on my (the purple patissier's ) family trip to South India.

Me, my mother,sister and niece at the start of our journey.

Being Buddhists, our trip included visiting massive Tibetan monasteries all around a place called Koppa ( 2 hrs drive from Mysore). There are so many monasteries in Koppa. Of which, The Golden Temple is the most famous.

Above is a picture of the entrance to the Golden Temple, and once inside, you'll see this :

Here are some more pictures of the other monasteries we visited. The one below was taken on our way inside:

Whenever one visits a monastery, they see this:
This is somewhat like a throne, where His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama is seated during his visit to this place and during his preachings. If you look closely you'll see the beautiful traditional tibetan carvings on the wood. Its amazing how the works are so detailed and strikingly perfect.

This was when the monks were enjoying their tea break who are otherwise so engrossed in chanting the mantras from texts depicting all of Buddha's teachings in Sanskrit.

Tibetan monks are really talented! I say so cos I was in awe after seeing this sculpture. Its completely hand sculpted and made out of colored vegetable fat. Can you really tell?

Here's another:

The picture below was outside the prayer room. I love this traditional tibetan curtain. Its so cute and looks very antique! Sadly, it wasnt big enough to cover the huge door.

This is a common sight outside every monastery in Koppa. Look at all the bee hives. Surprisingly, they dont attack anyone. Maybe being around a holy place has made them non violent too :)

Here's a picture of me lighting butter lamps. They say it helps enlighten the paths of the souls who are on their way to their destination- Heaven or Hell. I thought I might as well help as long as I'm on Earth :)

Behind us are colorful prayer flags known as "lung ta" in tibetan which translates to "wind horse". It is believed that when a gush of wind passes by,it carries with it a good amount of luck from these flags and takes it to another place blessing everyone in its way.

I got these sandals at a store in the village. They're so cute and so comfortable. My companion through the whole trip ^_^

You haven't had the true Indian experience without having a traditional Indian meal and there's a big difference between a North Indian and a South One. Here's a snap of the South Indial meal I enjoyed:

This includes rice, roti (indian flat bread), dal (lentil soup), papaddam ( deep fried lentil based wafers), a spicy vegetable curry( sambhar), 2 sides of stir fried vegetables, some pickle, yoghurt and a sweet dish ( rice pudding or milk pudding with vermicelli). Its usually served in a metal platter or as I like it, on a banana leaf. You really have to use your hands to enjoy this.

And to gulp all of this down, a tall glass of ice cold Coke.........burrrppp!!!!

I hope you liked the pictures, next time you're in India and around the South, dont miss out on visiting these places or at least tasting a South Indian meal.

Loads of love,
*~The Canvirries~*