Friday, 31 August 2012

scones- the purple patissier

Its 4 o'clock in the afternoon and time for tea! I'd been busy the whole afternoon baking myself and my family a fresh batch of scones. and instead of plain flour, I used wholewheat flour as the substitute to make it more healthy.

it's still the monsoon season here in Shillong and since my whole day had been nothing but boring because of the rain, I decided to liven up my mood with some baking. and tea time with scones is my choice today.

Serve it hot or warm with clotted cream n raspberry jam...
yumm...! i ran out of cream, though!

Love, tse....

Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Chings Etc"... Favorite Chick Flicks

On a rainy day with a cuppa of hot chocolate or a sunny day chilling out with friends or just any other day, like maybe a hectic day...i love to loosen up, wear comfy clothes, plop down and get set to have a good time watching some really fun and heartwarming movies..some of them made me laugh my ass off while some like 'Naked Weapon' made me wish i was a super woman. Well, take a look at the list I've made...for now am putting in twenty only. You can click on the names to check out their Wikipedia links!

1.Naked Weapon                                             
2.Kill Bill Vol. 1                                                
3.Kill Bill Vol. 2                                      

I promise you these movies are fun, romantic, hillarious and a nice treat for any mood you're in. Have fun and leave comments with your fav choices.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Mimzy's Closet - I love her and She Loves me too

She is every girl's best friend, you can never never go wrong with a good pair of her, she defines your personality, you tend to bring her home when you intend to go shopping looking for something else.  It sure  is bringing a smile to my face when I'm penning my thoughts about her.  And 'Yes'! I'm talking about shoes 'My Dearest Ones'.  I bet 'The Baker' and 'The knowledge Guru' sure do agree with me on this. :)

Some of my Collection.
I can't fault any type of shoes (even though I rarely wear the bulky sports shoe).  In my opinion, every shoe has its own way to stand out if paired with the right outfit.  Ballets, Block Pump Heels, Neon Colours and Rain boots are the ones am wearing frequently this season.  I'm on the search to buy some few more ballets, any design with a bit of classic touch, Colour blocking (since I have none) to add it to my collection.

Oh Yeah, it wouldn't be fair for me not to thank my rain boots this rainy season.  I bought is from 'Miss Jo' and it is one of the wisest purchase for this year :P.  Shillong (the place where I stay) is prone to frequent rainfall and I'm able to enjoy every bit without messing and wetting my feet :).  I would love to get some feedback since this is my first official blog post (apart from my introduction post) :).

                            Pictures taken by my photographer boyfriend :).  Big thanks!!

I love making new friends and will be great if we could follow each other and share our thoughts.  Have a Happy Weekend :).

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The purple patissier-rainbow cake

So i finally did it! It was my brother's birthday today and i decided last night to try out the "rainbow cake" recipe i got from one of my blog mates..with a few lil extra personal touches that i added to the cake... credit goes to Sujala Newar (blog mate) from style diary for the recipe..
Thank you so much!
Here are the pictures....

the cake with a butter cream icing

my brother, with a slice of the cake
hopefully, i've done a good job. anyway, my brother was quite happy with the cake.

will catch up soon with another new cake n loads of pictures...take care!!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

The purple patissier -birthdays

Hi everyone! Has anyone who loves to bake, ever waited for that special day to arrive for which you would have to bake? Baking for me doesn't need an occasion. I bake almost every time. During lazy sundays, rainy afternoons or even when there is a need for a snack for tea time. Even though I bake all the time,my favorite reason for baking is for birthdays. I love adding that extra effort for the people I care about and hope to put my concern in the taste of the cake. I haven't managed to master the art of cake decorating, but I've realised that the cheesier it looks, the bigger the smiles on the birthday people.
So far i have made three birthday for my recently turned ex bf, another for my best friend and the third and the most recent being my sister's. Sadly, I couldn't recover my best fren's cake picture, i don't  want to recover my ex's n the only one I have is that of my sister's cake :(
The design is very amateurish I agree but my family and frens said it tasted awesome...:) and the best part is, I managed to make my sister happy on her birthday...yay!! You guys should try baking for you loved ones feels amazing!
Till then..happy baking!                                    
                                                            Love, Tse.

CanVirRies Introduction

Ten years back :)
most recent pic of us!

Finally after deciding for months to sprinkle our frenship with a new twist since we _Mimi, Tsering and Ching rarely take any possible chances to come out of our bubble. And as we are quite new to the blogging world , we have already posted some few things before introducing ourselves properly :P .  

Mimi (cancer -17th july birth date) - Hello everyone!!!! I will blog mostly fashion related stuff. Since I was young, I always tend to visualize the clothes in my mind before actually wearing it. And touchwood at most times i'm pretty satisfied with the outcome :). My mum and her family are the keys to my love for anything related to fashion. Fashion to me is to enjoy,play and experiment with colours, prints, accessories in my daily life. I don't follow any particular trend and i feel everybody is fashionable in their own way. 
According to me 'Alexa Chung' is the perfect example of how I define fashion.

This is my first blog post and I can't wait to share my ideas with you in my next post. Until then, enjoy painting the town with your style :)

Tsering -  Hi guys! My name is Tsering and I'm one of the members of "CanVirRies". I was born on the 22nd of September, which makes me the "virgo" or "virgin" (if i'm not mistaken).
You'll find my posts under this blog which I'll be naming as the "Purple Patissierre". So named because Purple is my favorite color and 'Patissierre' is what I am in heart ,even though not in qualification :)

I love reading books on baking and even read them in bed before I sleep.
I never knew what my passion really was, until I started baking. Each time I bake a new cake,I feel like I'd tapped some spark within me that I never knew was there. I must admit though, I'm not very fond of eating cakes. I like to sample them, but not gorge on them. Instead it gives me a sense of satisfaction when people who eat my cakes enjoy them and praise my skills which always makes me want to bake something new and introduce flavors to people who haven't tried them before. This could be made even more possible if I could own a small dessert bar, which has always been my dream. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to own one.
Until then, I'll keep baking at home and post my photos on this I'll need all of your help out there, all of u guys who read our blog, to please,please leave some comments to help me take one more step towards making my dream into a reality.
love, tse...

Chingri   ( Aries-20th April birth date)-- Hi! Am Chingri and they always call me the bookish one among us since i love to read on every topic under the sun (sound kinda boring huh?)..but wait! i am a movie freak too (not so boring now duh!)..i just love to watch movies and been watching like any good movie i can find almost everyday. U can say i've watched like tons and tons of them. Reading and watching movies are my topmost passions in life i'd say. Guessed right! i will be updating on movies and books stuff.  Hope you all will enjoy and give comments, ideas and your own personal favorites!

We hope to make many friends here and share each other's ideas.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"Chings Etc"....Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Watched just last night and had a lot of fun...It all started with my favorite character little Scrat (the squirrel) and his precious 'acorn'..the whole earth gets a makeover and continents are formed and "Ice Age part 4"begins..Papa mammoth (Manny) gets separated from his family when the continent breaks up..with the help of his friends Sid and Diego, Manny begins a journey that ends with him re-uniting with his family.


This is   just a snip of the movie..Those of you who like the movie series will enjoy watching fact, love it! 

P.s: Find out the secret to "How was Africa formed??".