Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hello Beauties .....I just love this season so much and I enjoy sharing  with you all a little bit of what's been happening in and around me.  The city has finally started playing Christmas songs and it lightens up my day whenever I hear it ( every year we play the same music but you can't get enough of it ).  I guess this is one of the magical part about Christmas.

Me and boyfriend decided to go out for an early dinner and he found this amazing place to dine under the stars which I can't stop admiring the place.  The food was excellent however couldn't manage to click the pictures as we were too busy indulging the food :).  Luckily I manage to click some picture before the food was served.  My boyfriend is still not ready yet for me to post his picture in my post (extremely camera shy type) and insisted on being doing what he is best known for and it is also his profession : Photographer :P.

I just adore this nail paint...the design was inspired by Chinese tea cups.  Thinking of posting this DIY nail paint for the next post.  So stay tuned if you like it,  Super easy to make and its very attractive too :) Happy weekend  ahead!


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    1. thank you..i'm glad that you like it :)

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  5. Really great pics. It looks nice. Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? Have a nice day.

  6. this pics are great and i'm totally in love with these nails and the skirt, is amaizng. btw, i like your blog so now i'm your new follower

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  9. Mmmm, great nails!
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  10. Great pictures! Your outfit is really great! Love the pattern of your blouse and the color of your skirt! Beautiful naildesign!

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  11. Love this look from top to toe :) Kisses

  12. You look so stylish!

    love all about this look

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  13. Such a lovely place for romantic dinner!

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  16. You look Gorgeus ! Great nails <3 !

  17. the collar and the nails- and your look! pretty in winters! :)
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  18. I absolutely adore your blog. Your style is great with wonderful pieces.

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  22. I adore your top and the details on the collar- beautiful

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  23. I love going on dinner dates!! I like your outfit, red is definitely an amazing colour and it looks great on you.

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  27. Pretty ensemble; love everything about this look including the nail art. Great fashion sense!
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  28. Amazing shoots, sound like so much fun, isn't it?
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  29. Really nice photos
    The place looks so cosy!
    Loving your nails and your outfit too - the top is gorgeous statement styled and paired up with the skirt is fab!!

    J <3

  30. Wow the pictures are really pretty! So is the place and your top! Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! Would you like to follow each other and keep in touch? I'm following you on GFC, bloglovin and I've liked ur FB page too! Give me a follow back if you like dear! ;)

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  33. love that shirt and skirt! great photos

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