Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Happy Feet!!!

Dear Beauties :)

   Last week I had a great time attending my baby brother's school Annual  Day and don't want to miss it out without sharing with you all :). The name of his school is 'Happy Feet' ( its cute, ain't it ?? ^-^ ) and hence I decided to name the header  'Happy Feet'  All the babies were way too adorable and it sure will bring a smile to your face automatically seeing each and everyone of them enjoying themselves and performing us.

 My baby brother was the hunter in their class Snow White drama.  I was so relieved that he knew his line perfectly.  I guess I did a fair job in my mother's absence to take care of him :P

The snow white was charming as a real princess and the Seven Dwarfs were too cute to handle.  Along with the event, I took the opportunity to click picture of the outfit I wore and the children to share with you all.  Since it was a time to meet with the other parents and the school teachers, I opted for a formal look for the event.  I hope you guys enjoy the picture ....

Many Love,

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