Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas gift From Edressy :)

Dear Beauties,
                     I'm sure you all must be enjoying the festive season with lots of gatherings, parties, dinners with your closed ones and not to forget hangovers too :D.  I am enjoying this season like all of you and its getting better day by day :P.  Yayyy !!!!  I received an A-Line strapless Organza Tea-Length Belt Dress from Edressy and its beautiful.  It's a perfect dress to wear it on special occasion and I must admit that I got it at the right time :D.  It will be a perfect dress to wear it to church, wedding or for any formal event.  The stitching is so refined and I love the organza fabric they use for making this dress.  Here are some of the pictures showcasing the dress and can't wait to wear it soon.  Do visit their site Click Here and I am sure you will love their collection.  Keep enjoying and Wishing all of you a Wonderful 2013 ahead!  May God continue to bless us all  ^-^

Much Love,

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Beauties,

Christmas has arrived, and there are so many ways of celebrating the spirit! When I think of Xmas, the first thing that comes to my mind are freshly baked cookies n cakes. Back in Shillong, the local bakeries would be teaming with cake orders n never ending queues of people. I wonder why Shillong people never opt baking their own cakes. It would save you money and time, You know where the ingredients come from and you can always add a personal touch in your decorations. 

Usually, I would stick to a safe option of baking a chocolate cake or some cookies but what better way than to welcome Christmas with a personally decorated gingerbread house? It's real cute and you can  also involve children. In this case, my niece was my " lil helper "  :D.

Here are some pix..... Hope it would inspire you to build your own gingerbread house. It's more fun than baking a usual cake. U can leave that for New Year :) 

Merry Xmas and  happy baking!

Lots of Love,

christmas price 4 Cost Of Christmas Infographic

christmas price 41 Cost Of Christmas Infographic

Thursday, 20 December 2012

DIY Nail Art

Dear Beauties,
                     As mentioned in my earlier post, today I decided to share my ideas on nail art for Christmas for all those who want to have a cheesy christmassy feeling :)  Its the same nail art however I use three different colours RED, GREEN and GOLD instead of using just the RED colour.  Its super easy and fun to do cause it doesn't take much time as well :)

Things you would require (Dryer not necessary unless your not in a hurry or impatient like me :P)
After applying the base which I totally forgot to capture, apply the marshmellow colour  (I use LAKME COLOR CRUSH 09 Click here to see) and wait until it dries off completely.
I use a piece of paper to take out a certain amount of the color RED,GREEN AND GOLD. (RED -COLORAMA Cremoso Gabrielle, GREEN -LAKME Fast and Fabulous 07 Storm Green  and GOLD - LAKME Color Crush 01).
With the help of a toothpick, dip it in the colours and make a circular motion using the colour RED and GREEN. Make sure you take a tiny amount and circle it thinly.  (P.S : use different toothpick for different colours to show best result). Let it dry.
Now dip the toothpick in the GOLD Colour (make the dip thinner than the RED and GREEN) and make the same circular motion on top of the RED and the GREEN. (Don't let it over power the other two colours)
This will be the result.  I use a flash here to capture the picture.
Without flash :)
Extra addition to wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2013 ahead :) 

This is my first DIY Post and I hope you all like it :).  I'm keeping my finger's crossed and would love your valuable feedback.  Happy Week Ahead...

Much Love,

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hello Beauties .....I just love this season so much and I enjoy sharing  with you all a little bit of what's been happening in and around me.  The city has finally started playing Christmas songs and it lightens up my day whenever I hear it ( every year we play the same music but you can't get enough of it ).  I guess this is one of the magical part about Christmas.

Me and boyfriend decided to go out for an early dinner and he found this amazing place to dine under the stars which I can't stop admiring the place.  The food was excellent however couldn't manage to click the pictures as we were too busy indulging the food :).  Luckily I manage to click some picture before the food was served.  My boyfriend is still not ready yet for me to post his picture in my post (extremely camera shy type) and insisted on being doing what he is best known for and it is also his profession : Photographer :P.

I just adore this nail paint...the design was inspired by Chinese tea cups.  Thinking of posting this DIY nail paint for the next post.  So stay tuned if you like it,  Super easy to make and its very attractive too :) Happy weekend  ahead!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Happy Feet!!!

Dear Beauties :)

   Last week I had a great time attending my baby brother's school Annual  Day and don't want to miss it out without sharing with you all :). The name of his school is 'Happy Feet' ( its cute, ain't it ?? ^-^ ) and hence I decided to name the header  'Happy Feet'  All the babies were way too adorable and it sure will bring a smile to your face automatically seeing each and everyone of them enjoying themselves and performing us.

 My baby brother was the hunter in their class Snow White drama.  I was so relieved that he knew his line perfectly.  I guess I did a fair job in my mother's absence to take care of him :P

The snow white was charming as a real princess and the Seven Dwarfs were too cute to handle.  Along with the event, I took the opportunity to click picture of the outfit I wore and the children to share with you all.  Since it was a time to meet with the other parents and the school teachers, I opted for a formal look for the event.  I hope you guys enjoy the picture ....

Many Love,