Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Revenge" On My Mind...Chings

The title is not what it means...before thinking further that i am up to something, let me clarify...am talking about the American Television Drama Series " REVENGE" which debuted on September 21, 2011 and is currently in its Second Season. Fast becoming an addictive show to watch, i find it taking a spot on my Top TV series to watch!. Aside from the captivating plot, Love the clothes in the show...Elegant, Sophisticated, Chic and Stylish!. Check out some of the looks I compiled...Emily and Ashley are my favs..: ) How about U?

Hope you like it..Happy Week Ahead!!

Chings : )

Monday, 22 October 2012

Shillong Fashion Week Day 2- 2012

Voila!!! Finally Shillong has its own fashion week.  Unfortunately due to family day out, I couldn't attend the first day but I'm glad I manage to attend the final show.  I must say it was a very great experience seeing the people of Shillong and the other states coming together for one cause i.e 'FASHION'.  I saw a lot of fashionistas and famous  designer like Rohit Bahl.  He was dressed to perfection as usual :).

The show started with Urvashi Kaur's collection followed by Anand Bhushan, Rapbor, Elizabeth Marbaniang, Amoii, Gaurav and Ritika and finally Nachiket Barve's collection.  I missed the later two shows since the show started 3 hours later than the scheduled time and I had a friend's birthday party to attend.  I will be writing down my review for the Shillong Fashion Week.

Urvashi Kaur : The fabric used were mostly tie dye fabric and the designs were asymmetrically drape with Harlem pants.

 Anand Bhushan - He was my favourite.  I really like the colour he used 'BOLD RED' and 'SUBTLE WHITE'.  He nailed it using different stitches like Chikankari, knot embroidery, feather, sequins on A-line, peplum and pleated dress and also on shrugs and shirts.  In every piece of his collection I found an Indian touch with all the works mentioned above.  I would personally love to own each one of them :)

RapBor- Honestly speaking as I'm giving my personal review there was nothing much that caught my eye to like any of the outfits.  All the dresses were black in colour and more or less A-line shape.

Elizabeth Marbaniang - Since I didn't attend the first show, Elizabeth was the first designer to showcase the local traditional attire for Day 2.  I could feel the Shillong Vibe throughout her show.  Hats off to the choreographer Ivan Suting, the choreography was innovative and at the same time was traditional with two locals playing the flute and drum.  It was something unique to see her blend a simple 'Khasi' dress with Indian ethnicity.

Amoii - The collection was mostly based on floral patterns.  Personally I feel the belt could have been worn better.  Small details does make a huge difference.  Overall it was great and very entertaining.

And finally this was what we wore for the event :)

 P.S :More review about the technical side of the fashion week will be done by my friend 'Tse' -The Purple Pattissier so keep a look out for it.

Have a nice week and we would very much love to see your comments.  Hearing from you all always brings a smile to my face :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

XOXO Gossip Girl !!!

Hello to all my dearies.  Been a very very long time since my last blog.  End of summer was super busy with lots of birthday parties to attend and get together with friend.  And then there were more get togethers welcoming the autumn :P.

Finally Season 6 of Gossip Girl made a comeback this week (8th of October) with lots of scandals as usual and wardrobe to die for.  I'm so so excited about the drama, have been watching it since the first season.  It was kinda love at first sight (: .I got addicted by it immensely and continue watching even though it is meant as 'Teen Drama'.
P.S ; Not to forget even the characters are ageing along with the number of seasons :D

Today's outfit will be Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen's inspired looks.  I must say Leighton Meester and Blake Lively fit the character so well.  I adore the way they dress in the show and in their personal life too.  I've taken the closest possible outfits from my closet to resemble their looks.  Hope you guys enjoy the pictures ......Many Love - Mimzy's Closet

Serena Van Der Woodsen Inspired Look 1 -

Jacket - Designer 'Daniel Syiem' .
Tops - Thrift Store .
Electric Blue Pant -Self Designed.
Shoes -Tresmode.

Serena Van Der Woodsen Inspired Look 2

Blazer -Zara
Tops -Glory's Plaza Shillong
Skirt -Splash
Shoe - From a friend shop at commercial street, Bangalore.


Headband -Miss JO
Dress - Self tailored
Shoes - Glory's Plaza (Shillong) 


Dress - Mum's old dress
Shoe - Red Tape
Watch - Timex.

All the accessories used in the pics are from 'Ayesha'