Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Chings Etc"....FAIRY TALES

Okay…for today I just wanted to blog about the book sitting right next to my bedside table these days…it’s a small one with just 128 pages and very light reading….yah! Light because my week is kind of cramped with readings to catch up and a trip planned for the weekend as well (can’t wait!)…On top of all that, I did manage to Re-Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith- Oh dear movie lover me!

Back to the book…”3 More Naga Folk Tales” is actually the second set of folk tales by the same author. A dear friend told me about the book and I was looking forward to reading it! After Globetrotting… I mean through books…but wish in reality too (in the future)! I wanted to read something from home… As I expected, the stories are so entertaining and feels like am home again… they remind me of my childhood days sitting by the fireplace in winter, snuggled under the warm blankets and listen to grandmamma tell this kind of stories like “Acha Katar” which means “Once upon a time”…there used to be a princess…so on!

My favorite from the book is “Beauty and the Beast”…mind you, not the same with the popular Beauty and the Beast! This one is about a brave, beautiful and intelligent girl called “Konthingla’’ who was deceived by a forest bear into marrying him...like fairy tales go, this bear could turn into a human handsome young man when he wished…after marrying Konthingla, our Mr. Bear took her to live with him at his tall tall pine tree nest which was impossible for Konthingla to climb down on her own. She tricks Mr. Bear and goes back home and Mr. Bear dies at the hands of her family members…The end..Not Yet !!....Again, Konthingla very unluckily suffers from a sickness and is forced to live outside her home…there’s a bad stepmother involved..! But all is not over…rescue comes and our Beauty gets well and decides to leave her father’s village and seek her fortunes elsewhere…she meets a handsome young man…a real one this time…and they lived “Happily Ever After”.

Pretty much satisfied with the book and perfect for a dose of “fairy tales’’ when needed…still love fairy tales till now…is it Unrealistic? You tell me…I always think there’s no harm in believing in fairy tales sometimes!

Chingri Zimik

About The Book:
“3 More Naga Folk Tales”
For Ages: 10 & Up
Author: Mr. Hungyohong - A social Activist for Human Rights, A Free Spirit & Lover of Freedom, Avid Writer.
Pages: 128, Published At: Manipur, India


  1. Poor konthingla! One peril after another! Wud love to read it! Gimme the book next time we meet!
    Kisses.....love, Tsering.

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  3. Very interesting story! I love the book design<3

  4. sounds a good read! :)

    wud u like to follow each other? Let me knw! :)

    Maybe you have time to read my new post is up: Its OK to laugh sometime

    ~Boomerang Plus

    1. Thx a lot..sure following you now!..kip in touch!

  5. Love Mr. and Mrs. Smith (besides the fact that it pretty much broke up Brad and Jenn who were like my fave couple)!!!


    1. Thx for dropping by Stephanie..sori about Brad and Jen ...

  6. Interesting!


  7. such an interesting book


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