Saturday, 18 August 2012

The purple patissier -birthdays

Hi everyone! Has anyone who loves to bake, ever waited for that special day to arrive for which you would have to bake? Baking for me doesn't need an occasion. I bake almost every time. During lazy sundays, rainy afternoons or even when there is a need for a snack for tea time. Even though I bake all the time,my favorite reason for baking is for birthdays. I love adding that extra effort for the people I care about and hope to put my concern in the taste of the cake. I haven't managed to master the art of cake decorating, but I've realised that the cheesier it looks, the bigger the smiles on the birthday people.
So far i have made three birthday for my recently turned ex bf, another for my best friend and the third and the most recent being my sister's. Sadly, I couldn't recover my best fren's cake picture, i don't  want to recover my ex's n the only one I have is that of my sister's cake :(
The design is very amateurish I agree but my family and frens said it tasted awesome...:) and the best part is, I managed to make my sister happy on her birthday...yay!! You guys should try baking for you loved ones feels amazing!
Till then..happy baking!                                    
                                                            Love, Tse.

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