Monday, 26 January 2015

Online Shopping All The Way

Tell me first, what was the latest thing you purchased online? I bet you have another tab open in this window and looking through stuffs online. Am I right or Am I am wrong? J. Well, we all love to shop online and I have another tab open on right now while writing this blog post at the same time. Okay, I lied, I have more than one tab open on other shopping sites because you know, online shopping can be so addictive!. As you might guessed by now, today’s post is on online shopping and all the fantastic offers that you can avail of while shopping at your favourite site.
There are tons of online shopping sites out there and more online shopping customers. Online shopping is a big thing now in India and almost every citizen of our 6 billion population must have purchased something online atleast once. And why not, the ease and simplicity of online shopping is a big attraction and you get almost everything available online. Not to mention ‘Home Delivery’ feature offered by these online sites which saves you lots of time and energy. Yes, online shopping is the big thing now and it is going to stay for a long time.
One fact about online shopping is that it can seriously deplete your account balance (right!). I know so because I cannot just resist the oh so fantastic deals offered by my favourite sites like Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Fabfurnish etc and end up buying products which I don’t even need. Okay, that is a problem and I will deal with it asap. Now back to online shopping making holes in your pocket. Am sure you all spend very wisely and purchase products only when needed. However, if you are a shopping addict too and end up buying all the pretty things you see. You and I need a backup  plan to save some of our money and Ta da! This is where discount coupons and deals swoops in to save the day J. OMG! 50% off? Unbelievable right? And there are even cashbacks, Buy One Get One Free, Extra 10% off on top of discounted deals.. this is just great news!. Every time you log in to shop, discount coupon codes jump right out and happy shopping all the way.
You might have heard and taken part at  the GOSF/ Great Online Shopping festival which was running in almost all the online shopping sites. There were lots of deals and offers going on and lots of benefits for heavy shoppers and some lucky people even won tons of prizes. Yes, shopping online has its perks too. If your e-mail ID is registered at sites like, or and, you will instantly get alerts and notifications when a new sale is coming up and if you are swift, you get to avail of some pretty cool deals.  All these online shopping sites are very competitive and they try to offer the best deals and shopping experience to their customers. So, you have a choice of online shopping sites where you can find any product at the best available price and offers.  What I usually do is find a product at one site and then check if the other site has the same product and which is better. It is great to know which deals and offers are going on at the moment and here, sites like provides a good platform to check out all offers available at different sites.
Why don’t you check out the Snapdeal page at  Priceburp . Snapdeal usually have a lot of deals and discount coupons which is perfect for  online shopping customers like you.
Online shopping has really provided an excellent opportunity to shop conveniently at one place from the comfort of your home. Specially at this cold weather in Delhi, stay warm inside and shop for products you need J. I would love to hear about your online shopping experiences and which are the top reasons for making you choose online shopping. And no to forget, your favourite shopping sites.
Example, I like online shopping because no matter the season or time you are in, you can always shop for products you love. And the deals are just fabulous. Like the deals I found are on offer at Snapdeal like – End of Season Sale(EOSS) on Clothing and Footwear (40%-80% off).  Apart from their EOSS, Snapdeal also showcases top offers of the day for every new day.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fun and happy time shopping online at your favourite store.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Kalki - Skin in Rewind | Olay India Review

Hello Beauties,

Are you a fan of Olay? If you are, you are going to love this new AD by Kalki Koechlin for Olay Total Effects. She puts a fresh new look to the brand and appeals to a more wider audience in a new way. Olay products have always been endorsed and promoted by A-List celebs like Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and others. But We are so loving this new Ad by Kalki, a fresh, young yet hard working professional who tells us in the Ad that long hours of work and a hectic schedule can do bad things to your skin. 
Olay has made a winning move by casting Kalki since she personifies the perfect image of a young and hardworking generation. Point to be noted: You are not too young to start taking care of your skin and in case you failed, Olay Total Effects is here to rescue you. 
Stay Beautiful . Enjoy the Video 

Collection From Tops Wedding

Happy New Year 2015!
We have been away for the holidays. Had a great time with family and friends and We are sure that you had too. So busy that we have not been able to write any posts for this year and tons of them are piling up in our list. 

To start off the first post for New Year, we like to share a medley of pictures and products from a site that specializes in weddings, evening dresses, special occasion dresses, events and accessories. The site is called Tops Wedding and you can visit them here 
Before sharing their products images and links, here is some treat for you all if you intend to purchase their items, Get $5 off by using this coupon codeLiketopswedding 

We would love to see what you bought :). Okay, back to the items we like to share today. The items are taken from different collections from Tops Wedding. They have a huge collection like - Wedding dresses, special occasion dresses like holiday, cocktail, graduation, homecoming dresses etc, prom dresses and accessories like bridal jackets and shawls, wedding veils and wedding jewelry are also available. Their variety and range of collections is very impressive because you can find different kinds of design, color and style for any kind of dress you are looking for. Example, in Bridesmaid dresses collection there are different styles - Purple bridesmaid dresses, vintage, inexpensive dresses, sweetheart bridesmaid dresses, satin, blue, pink, taffeta bridesmaid dresses etc. 
Here are Some products which we found very beautiful. They are from different categories - Evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses. Which is your choice?

Monday, 15 December 2014

DressVe Fashion Dresses

Hello Beauties,
With the temperature dropping lower and lower, it is seriously getting harder to get dressed on time. I just want to stay snuggled up inside the warm blankets and stay permanently near the fireplace. But one can't stay forever like that and whether rain or snow or sun, we have to do our daily chores. And the winter season is also a time for many events and lots of parties. Put on your warm clothes and get ready to step out and face the cold :). 
Okay, my posts have been all about trench coats, boots, winter wear etc this whole month. For a change, I am going to make today's post about fashion dresses. The dresses are from DressVe ( and this is my second post about their products. 
The cold will find us wearing thick coats and boots and you may think that dresses are not needed at this season. But am telling you, we do need dresses and multiple styles that too. You can't just wear a coat or sweater alone, you need a good dress to go with it. Am posting some pictures of fashion dresses which are suitable for any occasion. Hope you like them.

1. Long Sleeve Fashion Dresses 

2. Fashion Lace Dresses

3. Fashion Sexy Dresses

Shoespie All About Shoes

Hello Beauties!
We love our shoes and can never get enough of having more shoes. Just a pair or two would not do. We need a different shoe for every outfit and though there is space running out at the shoe closet, you just can't stop buying a new pair, can you? Okay lets not go over crazy. I am pretty sure that you all are sensible and know very well how many you need or don't need. At the end of the day, one fact remains and that is - We Love Shoes! Period. End of story. But then, the story ain't over till I share about this wonderful site called  SHOESPIE.COM ( the name suggests, shoespie is a haven for all things shoes. You can find shoes and all kinds of shoes here. Say you are looking for bridal shoes and the type you want are "closed toe lace low heel bridal shoes" , go to their section on bridal shoes and voila! you got what you want. It is as simple and easy as that. The perks of being a site that sells only shoes is that you can easily get any style you want. 

I went for shopping boots the other day and did not get all the styles I wanted. But checking out the collection on Shoespie, they have a large inventory and got all the styles to choose from. Am more into ankle length boots but If knee length boots are your thing and looking for the type like "knee high flat boots lace up" then, there are lots available too. 

Wishing you happy holidays this season and am sharing some products which I think you may like too. Thank you for reading.

Avail of some exciting deals at Christmas Presale .. Click Here

Friday, 12 December 2014

Women Trench Coats from

Hello Beauties
Freezing..It’s getting really cold and know what? Am writing this post tucked inside my blankets J. My fingers are cold but I have to still write this post today cause I love sharing latest finds and products which I think that you all will love too.
Okay, in tune with the winter season, the latest product on my wishlist  is ‘Trench Coats’! Like how a fashion magazine described it, Trench coats are always stylish and you can wear them the whole year. So, even if the winter doesn’t last long, the coats are there to stay in your wardrobe forever.  If you are a regular reader here, you will know by now that I  love to google stuffs online. And one of the things I do is check out these online shopping sites for trends that are popular or maybe to see which outfits are best paired with which shoes, bags, etc.  And I simply love the huge inventory of these sites and they sell almost about any type of clothing for women – dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, accessories, coats etc.
Trench Coats – Essential  Item in Your Wardrobe. If you don’t have one, well, your outfit is not complete. I would love to see your collections and exchange notes J. Okay, on my quest for beautiful fashionable trench coats online, I found these women trench coats from and they are real chic. 
     ( 1.)





Like what you are seeing? If so, you can find
The cold weather is making me wish for very warm clothing and I have  chosen trench coats that has got fur on them (warm J).
And to match with these coats, I am showing some cheap wedges and cheap handbags from Ericdress.

Shop at:
These wedges look super comfy and stylish. Perfect to stay warm and look good.
And here are two classy handbags that can be paired well with most outfits. Carry them for that extra oomph!.
You can find more at:

Which is your favourite? Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Beautiful Quinceanera Dresses From

Sweet 16. The word has always been a magical one. Turning sixteen was an important year growing up and I remember having a wonderful feeling knowing that one is entering womanhood. Sixteenth birthday was the most special one and there are fond memories of that day J.
Now, I wish we had a tradition like the QuinceaƱera. 
The Quinceanera tradition is one of the most popular and important tradition among Hispanics and the day marks the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. I find this so fascinating and exciting. The Quinceanera ceremony is conducted to celebrate the entry of the young girl into womanhood, giving thanks to God for his blessings and to introduce the young women into the community. It is similar to the Debutante ball where young women of age are presented to the audience. The Quinceanera begins with a mass to give thanks for completing her childhood, followed by music, food and dance. The day is really special and important for a young girl and she invites her closest friends and family to her party where she receives generous gifts. It is a day pf celebrations, festivities, joy and merry making - all in honor of the young women. 
The dress code for Quinceanera is gowns and tuxedos and the young girl herself wears a ball gown. Just like a future bride, the young girl is the most important person and center of attention on this special day. And being the most special person on the day, she is dressed in the most beautiful and gorgeous Quinceanera dress. Like a princess, she wears a beautiful ball gown and a tiara on her head. Sigh! I wish I am fifteen again and we have a tradition like this sort. You girls are really lucky if you are celebrating this tradition. 
On the topic of Quinceanera dresses, there are many designs, colors, style, etc that you can choose from. We girls, take bucket loads of time to choose just one dress. It helps to have a catalogue or guide to which dress is the best for the important day. And here is some good news for you, SweetQuinceaneraDress is a website that is excusively and solely dedicated to selling cheap Quinceaneradresses.
There are all kinds of designs, colors and styles available and the dresses can be modified according to the wishes of the customer.
A girl deserves the best on her special day and here they have presented so many options to choose from.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lace Wedding Dresses From DressV

DECEMBER = Weddings!. Am I right? or Am I wrong?. I remember writing posts on wedding dresses and wedding season at this time of the year last year. Okay, the cycle is back. Like I said in my previous post, December to January is all about weddings and its like people are waiting for December to get married. The trend could be different in your place or other places but over here this is what's happening right now. Just got an invitation to another wedding this coming Saturday. But I do love attending weddings - the designs, the cake, the bride, the wedding gown, the pretty flowers, the celebrations. Beautiful Event!. 
The Bride is the center of attention and all eyes are on her. She looks the best and prettiest in the room and its her DAY. A very important thing for the bride is her wedding dress and she spends months in advance, shopping, fitting, trials etc  to find that perfect wedding dress. A girl will look her best on her special day since after all, she is well prepared. I have this crazy habit of collecting wedding dresses pictures that catches my eye. And each new addition is an inspiration source for my future day :). I will surely update pictures on the blog after am married ^_^.
Before that, recently I found some pretty lace wedding dresses from DressV ( ) and sharing them today with you all. 
DressV is a shopping site that deals exclusively on wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and accessories. They have all kinds of wedding dresses and at good prices too. Wedding dresses are available from below $100 and maximum prices of $1000. Depending on your budget, you can choose the dresses. But I find that their dresses are very pretty and suitable at any price range. Okay, these dresses here below are cheap lace wedding dresses and you can check more on them at

This trumpet/mermaid dress is really a glamorous one. I love the bow detail and it has a corset tie back which compliments your silhouette perfectly. Price is only $143.39.
Trumpet/Mermaid Floor-length Court Strapless Lace Wedding Dress

Trumpet/Mermaid Bowknot Floor-Length Strapless Wedding Dress
Haute Couture Fashionable Backless Ruffles V-Neck Straps Mermaid Lace Wedding Dress With Detachable Train
Customized Elegant Mermaid Sweep Appliques Attractive Wedding Dress
Haute Couture Pretty A-line Strapless Floor-length Chapel Train Appliques Wedding Dress
Lace is a important material in most wedding dresses and they turn out very pretty when mixed with other cloth material like satin, chiffon, organza or tulle. In fact, it is a very versatile material and can be used in various designs. I find lace dresses really sexy and classy at the same time. When appliques or beads are embellished on top of lace material, the dress looks super elegant and beautiful. 
I don't know what kind wedding dress style you like and since everyone has different choices, I have posted pictures that are different designs. Hope you like them and use them as inspiration for your special day. Have a beautiful life :).

Dressv color wedding dresses