Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Polki set elite jewellery for the family wedding

Ain't she beautiful and looking like a true Indian Rajkumari here?.I think the Rajkumaris of India, especially the Mughal era were one of the most beautiful and regal princesses of their times. And I think that they were so lucky too because they got to wear  beautiful perfect jewelries. Though I am living in India, I come from a different part of the country and know little about traditional Indian jewelries and what I've seen and know are mostly from Bollywood movies and fashion magazines. And coming back to the costume of Aishwarya in Jodhaa Akbar, she wore a magnificent set of  jewelries which I got to know later were called  Polki Jewelry or Kundan Jewlery. Did a little research and found some tidbits about Polki jewelry.
  • Polki Jewelry  are extremely intricate and made by highly skilled craftsmen and dates back to the Mughal Era. They represent the rich heritage and grandeur of India and are very royal and elite class of jewelry sets found today. They are perfect for Indian brides who want to look traditional and regal on their wedding day. 
  • Polki jewellery is made of unfinished natural diamonds. Polki is essentially an uncut diamond that is mined from the earth in a natural way without any enhancement or lab creation.  Polki is always in great demand and highly valued because of its natural form. It has a shiny texture and one of the most expensive type of jewelry in the market. Like how diamonds are priced, every piece of Polki is priced according to its carat, cut, clarity and colour. However, the beauty and timeless appeal of Polki jewelry makes the investment worth it. 

I therefore consider them the Perfect choice of jewelry for a grand Indian wedding and now where can you find them in India? Hyderabad and Jaipur are famous for their traditional jewelries but now jewelers from big cities and metros are also experts in this kind of jewelry design and you can visit any reputable store and indulge in their rich collections. So, no worries in that front.

Now, some suggestions for wedding day Polki jewelry
On your choice for wedding day, you can opt for a heavy choker or elaborate neck piece in Polki. However, if you don’t want something very traditional and heavy, you can wear large chandelier shaped earrings or a beautiful dainty maang-tika or even a gorgeous stand alone statement piece like a bracelet.  Chandbalis in Polki was the hottest jewellery trend of 2014.

Polki jewelry is a class of elite jewelry and will be the top choice for any Indian wedding. The style stays regal, royal, majestic and grandiose and it is the perfect jewelry for the beautiful Indian bride. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Build an Olaf the Snowman Birthday Party!

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Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies

Planning a party can sometimes be stressful, but our favorite snowman inspires so many fun-filled party ideas, it'll be easy to get caught-up in the festivities. Olaf would encourage you to let it go, make it your own, and snowball the following ideas into your own memorable party. And, of course, Birthday Express has everythingy ou need!

Invitations - Send out an invite to guests asking, "Would you like to build a snowman?" Then, on the inside, it could read, "Then come join the fun with Olaf and friends at _____'s birthday party! And be sure to bring warm hugs!" You could also make each invite in the shape of a snowflake or include a Felt Snowflake Sticker inside the invite.

Party Decor - With Olaf, you could throw a party with a winter decor or a summer decor since Olaf loves the sun! Definitely get the party started off right with the Disney Olaf Value Party Pack as it contains everything one needs for a party, including plates, cups, napkins, utensils - even balloons and thank- you notes! You could create a "pin the nose on Olaf" game, a "build your own snowman" table with rice crispy treats, and elevate the laughter with an Olaf 3D Pull-String Pinata. Decor can range from blue and white (e.g. lights, streamers, balloons, and snowflakes) to sun, surf, and sand decorations. Be sure to add the Olaf Balloon Bouquet - it'll definitely give your party a lift. 

Food & Drink - Bring together marshmallows, pretzel sticks, black licorice, and baby carrots and you've got yourself edible snowmen (no offense to Olaf, of course). Consider making "melted Olaf's" with greek vanilla yogurt or vanilla pudding cups. You could make blue jello "ice block" jigglers, snowflake cookies, and blue icing-dipped pretzel sticks. For dessert you could have hot chocolate and s'mores, or get an Olaf-themed birthday cake!

Whatever you include in your party, the one thing that Olaf would insist on is that you make it happy and fun - with lots of warm hugs. Shop Disney's Frozen Olaf Party Supplies now!

Olaf Frozen Birthday Party Supplies

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Cricketers Can Make Style Statements Too

Cricketers and style? Can they go along?Fashion and style statements, are they not the arena of actors, musicians, footballers and socialites?. Well, like Bob Dylan's popular song goes 'Times they are a-changing' and oh boy, times are changing indeed. What is In today maybe Out tomorrow and what is Out today maybe In tomorrow. You get the gist of what am trying to say here about change and that leads me back to my first question, Cricketers and Style? The answer is a big Yes! And why not? News from the world of Cricket are not only about the scores and hits but also about the styles endorsed by the cricketers. 
The trend is changing over the last few years with advertisers and companies using cricketers to promote their products and brand. The oldest and early ads that I remember are of Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar promoting Pepsi drinks. Even then, style was not a major thing and they were adored more for their skills and sportsmanship. Okay, that was then and there is the now. Now, cricketers like M.S Dhoni and Virat Kohli represent a new generation of talented sportsman who are not only good at their profession but make dashing style statements. Just try using google images for 'Virat Kohli Ads' and 'Sachin Tendulkar  Ads' and the difference is so visible. Am not saying that older cricketers had no style, they did have  a certain charm of their own. 
Modern cricketers are always in the limelight and they are the new darlings for the  paparazzi. Over the years, cricketers have cranked up their style quotients and you see them sporting cool tattoos and  wacky hairstyles. The latest style statement that cricketers are sporting this Cricket World Cup 2015 is the Mohawk hairstyle. India's batting superstar, Virat Kohli can be seen with the Mohican hairstyle at the pitch  and scoring big on fan love. Other famous cricketers like Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal, South African allrounder Wayne Parnell and West Indies big-hitter Andre Russell are also sporting the Mohawk look. 

Yes, modern day cricketers are brand ambassadors and promoters for many companies and they are in huge demand now. Their style statements are the talk of the town and they prove that they can be as stylish and fashionable as the other celebrities in town. Thumbs up and cheers to Stylish Cricketers!
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Modish Bangles That Steal The Show

Which fashion trend are you following right now? The thing about fashion is that it is influenced by the time, season, place and so many other things. We want to talk about fashion trends for spring today and since winter has long bid goodbye, everyone is taking out their spring outfits and visiting the outdoors more. Me and my girlfriends went for a picnic to one of the beautiful parks here just a few days back. We dressed up in fun clothing suitable for the outing like flower printed dress, loose comfy tops and casual laid back jeans and tees. And for accessories, we had our hats on, our shades and a new trendy thing we added on were bracelets or bangles. Accessories add that extra oomph and style to any outfit. And yes, among the accessories that style up your outfit are – Bangles!
Worn in different ways and available in different designs and colours, bangles are one of my favourite accessories. I remember as a kid, wearing those multi-colored and wire type bangles with just any outfit . It was funny too to pair them with just about any outfit. Okay, that was then and there is now. Thanks to fashion magazines and scores of style tips available online and the media, one have some idea on ‘How To Wear Bangles’. And one of the popular ways to wear bangles are to wear several of them according to your outfit. Usually, gold or silver bangles of thin size and smooth proportions are worn with formal outfits like gowns and sarees. While plastic and metal bangles  of larger sizes are worn for casual outings and parties.

There are many styles and designs for bangles but my all time favourite ones are brass or bronze material bangles that are bit ethnic and have an  Indian look. They come in thin and wide sizes and the designs on them are intricate and beautiful. I feel that they add glamour and charm to any outfit and they are very versatile pieces too. I have added some images of these design of bangles that I like. Which is your favourite kinds of bangles? 
Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Floral Curtains

Hello Beauties,

 Happy month of March! I hope your week started off well. I have been meaning to post more on curtains and today I got the time to post some more curtain selections. When designing your home and putting things together to get the perfect look, a lot of nick knacks are involved and each piece complements the other. You have to do them right and you don't have to be a whiz at home decor to do so. I often take the help of the internet and interior designs sites for inspirations and ideas. 
An important and beautiful piece in home decor are Curtains. Available in all styles, designs and materials, curtains form a vital tool in beautifying your home. They help to keep out the dust and heat and also act as partitions in a room. 
A wonderful site called has some cool collections with them. They have offers for discounts and free shipping is provided :). There are different kinds at sale like kids curtains, linen, silk, lace, printed, designer curtains etc.  I am sure that you will find any design that you fancy at the moment. I am showcasing some products from their Floral Curtains because floral prints are my favorites and I think that they suit any type of home furniture and room layout. The floral prints are varied and I find them very pretty, feminine, calm and beautiful. Flowers make everything beautiful and wonderful. A bouquet of flowers or a vase of fresh flowers can really make my day. These floral curtains are so beautiful and they will make your home much more prettier, warm and welcoming. Take a look at the pictures. 
Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

This Valentine, gift your lady love her dream dress

Hello beautiful people!
A very happy valentine’s day to you all. Such a wonderful day for Love and may there be more days dedicated to  LOVE. It is a lucky thing to have someone special in your life and loves you always. I was just checking my facebook account and the newsfeed was full of Valentine’s day wishes and couples posting love notes to each other’s walls J. Ah! So sweet and dreamy reading all their declarations and expressions of LOVE. A very big hip hip hurray!  to this day.
Hello Men! This post is dedicated to all you wonderful men out there. We know that you are planning something magical and romantic for your Lady Love tonight. We know you have booked the best restaurant in town for a romantic dinner date and have even bought a gift for her. I hope that’s a YES. And well if you haven’t..uh uh L. Boy, you are in trouble. Your year is going to be bad. I am just kidding. Now, you can still salvage the situation and I understand that some men are at a loss to what gifts to buy for a girl?. Okay, if you are out of ideas, here’s one. Why don’t you gift her a pretty dress? A dream dress that she has always wanted.You need not even go to a store but purchase one easily  online while sitting at your couch or desk.  May you find the perfect gift and here are a few dresses that you may like.
Mishka The Frock Dress

They say that Valentine’s Day is a day for showing your love and by showing, you have to do so not only by words but by action too. Am pretty sure the airports are full of knights who have travelled from afar  to meet their lady love on this special day. And  also some will be struck by cupid’s arrow this day and maybe find their love among the crowd in a party or maybe just walking down the street.
Yes, Valentine’s day is a very special day and this is also a day not only for lovers but also for friends, family and special friends ^_^. So, wish anyone you love or admire a very HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY and may there be more love shared among us :*.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Elegant Cocktail Dresses

Hello Beauties,
We are so missing out on blogosphere. We have been really busy and writing fewer and fewer posts. Just waiting for some long holidays so that we can share our outfit posts and what we've been up to. Meanwhile, We hope you are still keeping us in your blog lists :). For the time being we are sharing about products that we love and wishlists etc. 
Okay, so today's post is on  elegant cocktail dresses and they have been inspired by the recently concluded Grammy Awards 2015. Such a beautiful night and the celebrities oh so gorgeous in their beautiful dresses. I am just dreaming away..haha. So, the post is a list of cocktail dresses which are chosen from a site called They sell mostly wedding dresses, evening dresses, special occasion dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses. One thing about the site is that they are  updated on the latest trends and fashion and this can be seen from their huge stock of dresses that are suitable for any occasion. I have chosen the collection from elegant cocktail dresses because I love elegant outfits and if I were to go glam events like the Grammys, I would definitely wear one of these dresses. Which is your favorite and what would you wear at a special event?
I am into bright colors and fashion trends also predict that multi-colors will be popular this time. So some of these dresses speak 'colors' and 'statement making' pieces!

This first dress is a first choice because of its artistic prints and sexy design. The dress is elegant and sexy at the same time. Paired with pencil heeled shoes and a cute clutch will make one stand out in a crowd :).
The second dress is a cute outfit which will be suitable for prom or hang out with girl friends at a formal club. You could carry an overcoat  if you are feeling bit chilly while going out.
The third dress is also very beautiful. It is bold and I love the accessories that is worn by the model. But of course, you can always wear any other accessory that is your choice. I can imagine wearing a pair of killer heels with this outfit and the result will be awesome!
Okay, pink will never be out of fashion. This is another cute dress which is suitable for almost any event. The beads detail on the upper part makes it unique and beautiful. Definitely, on the list to wear.

Sequins are always in for making your outfits extra glam. They give a new look and fashionable design to any outfit and you really must have one in your wardrobe. This outfit is best suited for formal dinners and special occasions like attending a wedding. 

Thank you for reading and hope you like what i;ve shared.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Home Decor - Curtains

Happy February Month to all of you. Our blog is publishing all kinds of topics these days and we are doing this because we all have different tastes and likes. We want to write on different topics and hope that you will like some of them and relate to your own hobbies and interests. Your comments are always welcome and very well received :).
So then, to Curtains and its beauty. Home decor is my latest obsession and I keep searching for ideas and inspirations from everywhere. Pinterest is one great source by the way, you all know that by now I am sure. To the matter of curtains and why you need the right ones for your home. Curtains are one of the most important accessory for home decor and the right kind can either beautify your home or give a whole new look. Of course, there are some homes which do not require curtains and other forms of coverings are used. But be it winter or summer, when talking about weather conditions for curtain usage, heavy fabric curtains works best to keep out the cold or the heat. Not only keeping your homes cool or warm, curtains bring character and design to the room. There are all kinds of curtains available to complement the theme of your home. Example, art printed curtains for the artist theme or ocean blue curtains for coastal theme homes.  Curtains add freshness, design and fashion to your rooms. To give more ideas and examples, I have chosen some beautiful products from . They have very good quality and variety of curtains in stock. Some of their collection from Bedroom Curtains are shared today. 
 Any favorites?

If you visit the site, they have different kinds of collections on curtains like kids curtains, elegant curtains, lace curtains and patterns like striped, plaid, nautical etc. The kids curtains are so cute and pretty. Am sure your little ones will love them to be placed in their rooms :).

Thank you for reading

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