Saturday, 14 February 2015

This Valentine, gift your lady love her dream dress

Hello beautiful people!
A very happy valentine’s day to you all. Such a wonderful day for Love and may there be more days dedicated to  LOVE. It is a lucky thing to have someone special in your life and loves you always. I was just checking my facebook account and the newsfeed was full of Valentine’s day wishes and couples posting love notes to each other’s walls J. Ah! So sweet and dreamy reading all their declarations and expressions of LOVE. A very big hip hip hurray!  to this day.
Hello Men! This post is dedicated to all you wonderful men out there. We know that you are planning something magical and romantic for your Lady Love tonight. We know you have booked the best restaurant in town for a romantic dinner date and have even bought a gift for her. I hope that’s a YES. And well if you haven’t..uh uh L. Boy, you are in trouble. Your year is going to be bad. I am just kidding. Now, you can still salvage the situation and I understand that some men are at a loss to what gifts to buy for a girl?. Okay, if you are out of ideas, here’s one. Why don’t you gift her a pretty dress? A dream dress that she has always wanted.You need not even go to a store but purchase one easily  online while sitting at your couch or desk.  May you find the perfect gift and here are a few dresses that you may like.
Mishka The Frock Dress

They say that Valentine’s Day is a day for showing your love and by showing, you have to do so not only by words but by action too. Am pretty sure the airports are full of knights who have travelled from afar  to meet their lady love on this special day. And  also some will be struck by cupid’s arrow this day and maybe find their love among the crowd in a party or maybe just walking down the street.
Yes, Valentine’s day is a very special day and this is also a day not only for lovers but also for friends, family and special friends ^_^. So, wish anyone you love or admire a very HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY and may there be more love shared among us :*.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Elegant Cocktail Dresses

Hello Beauties,
We are so missing out on blogosphere. We have been really busy and writing fewer and fewer posts. Just waiting for some long holidays so that we can share our outfit posts and what we've been up to. Meanwhile, We hope you are still keeping us in your blog lists :). For the time being we are sharing about products that we love and wishlists etc. 
Okay, so today's post is on  elegant cocktail dresses and they have been inspired by the recently concluded Grammy Awards 2015. Such a beautiful night and the celebrities oh so gorgeous in their beautiful dresses. I am just dreaming away..haha. So, the post is a list of cocktail dresses which are chosen from a site called They sell mostly wedding dresses, evening dresses, special occasion dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses. One thing about the site is that they are  updated on the latest trends and fashion and this can be seen from their huge stock of dresses that are suitable for any occasion. I have chosen the collection from elegant cocktail dresses because I love elegant outfits and if I were to go glam events like the Grammys, I would definitely wear one of these dresses. Which is your favorite and what would you wear at a special event?
I am into bright colors and fashion trends also predict that multi-colors will be popular this time. So some of these dresses speak 'colors' and 'statement making' pieces!

This first dress is a first choice because of its artistic prints and sexy design. The dress is elegant and sexy at the same time. Paired with pencil heeled shoes and a cute clutch will make one stand out in a crowd :).
The second dress is a cute outfit which will be suitable for prom or hang out with girl friends at a formal club. You could carry an overcoat  if you are feeling bit chilly while going out.
The third dress is also very beautiful. It is bold and I love the accessories that is worn by the model. But of course, you can always wear any other accessory that is your choice. I can imagine wearing a pair of killer heels with this outfit and the result will be awesome!
Okay, pink will never be out of fashion. This is another cute dress which is suitable for almost any event. The beads detail on the upper part makes it unique and beautiful. Definitely, on the list to wear.

Sequins are always in for making your outfits extra glam. They give a new look and fashionable design to any outfit and you really must have one in your wardrobe. This outfit is best suited for formal dinners and special occasions like attending a wedding. 

Thank you for reading and hope you like what i;ve shared.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Home Decor - Curtains

Happy February Month to all of you. Our blog is publishing all kinds of topics these days and we are doing this because we all have different tastes and likes. We want to write on different topics and hope that you will like some of them and relate to your own hobbies and interests. Your comments are always welcome and very well received :).
So then, to Curtains and its beauty. Home decor is my latest obsession and I keep searching for ideas and inspirations from everywhere. Pinterest is one great source by the way, you all know that by now I am sure. To the matter of curtains and why you need the right ones for your home. Curtains are one of the most important accessory for home decor and the right kind can either beautify your home or give a whole new look. Of course, there are some homes which do not require curtains and other forms of coverings are used. But be it winter or summer, when talking about weather conditions for curtain usage, heavy fabric curtains works best to keep out the cold or the heat. Not only keeping your homes cool or warm, curtains bring character and design to the room. There are all kinds of curtains available to complement the theme of your home. Example, art printed curtains for the artist theme or ocean blue curtains for coastal theme homes.  Curtains add freshness, design and fashion to your rooms. To give more ideas and examples, I have chosen some beautiful products from . They have very good quality and variety of curtains in stock. Some of their collection from Bedroom Curtains are shared today. 
 Any favorites?

If you visit the site, they have different kinds of collections on curtains like kids curtains, elegant curtains, lace curtains and patterns like striped, plaid, nautical etc. The kids curtains are so cute and pretty. Am sure your little ones will love them to be placed in their rooms :).

Thank you for reading

Monday, 2 February 2015

Sherwani For Men

A brief history of Sherwani

Sherwani for men is the most popular choice for weddings and other functions in India as it brings a sense of royalty to the wearer. It is also the national dress of Pakistan. It originated from an early popular dress call ‘Shirvan’ worn by people of Southern Asia and Mughals. However, it appeared in the form of salwar kameez or kurta pajama in India during the British empire in 18th century after which it was adopted as the royal Sherwani itself during the Mughal empire and turned into the traditional wear of Hindus as well as muslims among India. Kings used to show off their royalty by wearing pure silk Sherwani and regarded it as a symbol of wealth and status. Sherwani was also associated with the Aligarh movement. It closely resembles a Kurta Pajama or Achkan but offers a greater charm and nobility.

Worlds’ richest man, Asaf Jah- VII who had a 2 billion dollar empire in early 1940s and Mir Sir Osman Ali Khan, the nizam of Hyderabad, always wore Sherwani. It also became the national dress of Pakistan because their first prime minister, Mohammad Ali Jinnah used to wear Sherwani most of the times. In India also, Sherwani is the most popular choice as a formal dress in winters and especially for weddings. It has become the customary or traditional wedding dress for groom accompanied by a turban. Sherwani for men can be bought from almost any store dealing in Indian men’s dresses; one of the best places to buy sherwani for men is Cbazaar. At Cbazaar, you can find a variety of designs, styles and patterns that you will instantly fall in love with. You can also find a variety in the fabric used nowadays. All men look elegant wearing a sherwani. However, its elegance depends upon the fitting. The best fit is the one that stays close to the body, if it is too loose it will look more like a designer kurta pajama.

In earlier days, Sherwanis were embroidered with hand but with advancement of time and technology, machines have taken over in almost every field. Thus, these are also embroidered with machine. One can also find a sherwani beautifully crafted with embellishments like sequins, mirrors and beads along with embroidery. But today, men only wear these traditional gems on special occasions instead of a daily or casual wear.

Traditional Sherwani for men are still seen as a symbol of royalty and nobility once again just like the earlier time. The only difference is that men don’t wear them daily now but on very special occasions only. Sherwanis are also very popular among celebrities and movie stars. It adds to their glamour and style. Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, hrithik Roshan and almost every male actor has flaunted on screen wearing a Sherwani, which shows how popular this dress is. A Sherwani also looks adorable when worn with a dhoti. The designers instantly keep on experimenting with their artistic ideas to present a unique design every now and then. Some of the best pieces can be found at Cbazaar.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Online Shopping All The Way

Tell me first, what was the latest thing you purchased online? I bet you have another tab open in this window and looking through stuffs online. Am I right or Am I am wrong? J. Well, we all love to shop online and I have another tab open on right now while writing this blog post at the same time. Okay, I lied, I have more than one tab open on other shopping sites because you know, online shopping can be so addictive!. As you might guessed by now, today’s post is on online shopping and all the fantastic offers that you can avail of while shopping at your favourite site.
There are tons of online shopping sites out there and more online shopping customers. Online shopping is a big thing now in India and almost every citizen of our 6 billion population must have purchased something online atleast once. And why not, the ease and simplicity of online shopping is a big attraction and you get almost everything available online. Not to mention ‘Home Delivery’ feature offered by these online sites which saves you lots of time and energy. Yes, online shopping is the big thing now and it is going to stay for a long time.
One fact about online shopping is that it can seriously deplete your account balance (right!). I know so because I cannot just resist the oh so fantastic deals offered by my favourite sites like Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Fabfurnish etc and end up buying products which I don’t even need. Okay, that is a problem and I will deal with it asap. Now back to online shopping making holes in your pocket. Am sure you all spend very wisely and purchase products only when needed. However, if you are a shopping addict too and end up buying all the pretty things you see. You and I need a backup  plan to save some of our money and Ta da! This is where discount coupons and deals swoops in to save the day J. OMG! 50% off? Unbelievable right? And there are even cashbacks, Buy One Get One Free, Extra 10% off on top of discounted deals.. this is just great news!. Every time you log in to shop, discount coupon codes jump right out and happy shopping all the way.
You might have heard and taken part at  the GOSF/ Great Online Shopping festival which was running in almost all the online shopping sites. There were lots of deals and offers going on and lots of benefits for heavy shoppers and some lucky people even won tons of prizes. Yes, shopping online has its perks too. If your e-mail ID is registered at sites like, or and, you will instantly get alerts and notifications when a new sale is coming up and if you are swift, you get to avail of some pretty cool deals.  All these online shopping sites are very competitive and they try to offer the best deals and shopping experience to their customers. So, you have a choice of online shopping sites where you can find any product at the best available price and offers.  What I usually do is find a product at one site and then check if the other site has the same product and which is better. It is great to know which deals and offers are going on at the moment and here, sites like provides a good platform to check out all offers available at different sites.
Why don’t you check out the Snapdeal page at  Priceburp . Snapdeal usually have a lot of deals and discount coupons which is perfect for  online shopping customers like you.

Online shopping has really provided an excellent opportunity to shop conveniently at one place from the comfort of your home. Specially at this cold weather in Delhi, stay warm inside and shop for products you need J. I would love to hear about your online shopping experiences and which are the top reasons for making you choose online shopping. And no to forget, your favourite shopping sites.
Example, I like online shopping because no matter the season or time you are in, you can always shop for products you love. And the deals are just fabulous. Like the deals I found are on offer at Snapdeal like – End of Season Sale(EOSS) on Clothing and Footwear (40%-80% off).  Apart from their EOSS, Snapdeal also showcases top offers of the day for every new day.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fun and happy time shopping online at your favorite store.

Image Sources: Techtreme , Adrian Rotaru

Friday, 9 January 2015

Kalki - Skin in Rewind | Olay India Review

Hello Beauties,

Are you a fan of Olay? If you are, you are going to love this new AD by Kalki Koechlin for Olay Total Effects. She puts a fresh new look to the brand and appeals to a more wider audience in a new way. Olay products have always been endorsed and promoted by A-List celebs like Kajol, Madhuri Dixit and others. But We are so loving this new Ad by Kalki, a fresh, young yet hard working professional who tells us in the Ad that long hours of work and a hectic schedule can do bad things to your skin. 
Olay has made a winning move by casting Kalki since she personifies the perfect image of a young and hardworking generation. Point to be noted: You are not too young to start taking care of your skin and in case you failed, Olay Total Effects is here to rescue you. 
Stay Beautiful . Enjoy the Video 

Collection From Tops Wedding

Happy New Year 2015!
We have been away for the holidays. Had a great time with family and friends and We are sure that you had too. So busy that we have not been able to write any posts for this year and tons of them are piling up in our list. 

To start off the first post for New Year, we like to share a medley of pictures and products from a site that specializes in weddings, evening dresses, special occasion dresses, events and accessories. The site is called Tops Wedding and you can visit them here 
Before sharing their products images and links, here is some treat for you all if you intend to purchase their items, Get $5 off by using this coupon codeLiketopswedding 

We would love to see what you bought :). Okay, back to the items we like to share today. The items are taken from different collections from Tops Wedding. They have a huge collection like - Wedding dresses, special occasion dresses like holiday, cocktail, graduation, homecoming dresses etc, prom dresses and accessories like bridal jackets and shawls, wedding veils and wedding jewelry are also available. Their variety and range of collections is very impressive because you can find different kinds of design, color and style for any kind of dress you are looking for. Example, in Bridesmaid dresses collection there are different styles - Purple bridesmaid dresses, vintage, inexpensive dresses, sweetheart bridesmaid dresses, satin, blue, pink, taffeta bridesmaid dresses etc. 
Here are Some products which we found very beautiful. They are from different categories - Evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses. Which is your choice?

Monday, 15 December 2014

DressVe Fashion Dresses

Hello Beauties,
With the temperature dropping lower and lower, it is seriously getting harder to get dressed on time. I just want to stay snuggled up inside the warm blankets and stay permanently near the fireplace. But one can't stay forever like that and whether rain or snow or sun, we have to do our daily chores. And the winter season is also a time for many events and lots of parties. Put on your warm clothes and get ready to step out and face the cold :). 
Okay, my posts have been all about trench coats, boots, winter wear etc this whole month. For a change, I am going to make today's post about fashion dresses. The dresses are from DressVe ( and this is my second post about their products. 
The cold will find us wearing thick coats and boots and you may think that dresses are not needed at this season. But am telling you, we do need dresses and multiple styles that too. You can't just wear a coat or sweater alone, you need a good dress to go with it. Am posting some pictures of fashion dresses which are suitable for any occasion. Hope you like them.

1. Long Sleeve Fashion Dresses 

2. Fashion Lace Dresses

3. Fashion Sexy Dresses